Sana (pronounced [sǎːna]; Cyrillic: Сана) is a river in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a tributary of the Una, into which it flows near Bosanski Novi. It is the longest of the nine rivers that flow through Sanski Most, and is 142 km long. It is not a navigable waterway.

Sana River Donji Vrbljani.jpg
The Sana river near Donji Vrbljani, Bosnia.
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationWestern Bosnia and Herzegovina
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
45°03′04″N 16°22′59″E / 45.051°N 16.383°E / 45.051; 16.383Coordinates: 45°03′04″N 16°22′59″E / 45.051°N 16.383°E / 45.051; 16.383
Length141.9 km (88.2 mi) [1]
Basin size4,258 km2 (1,644 sq mi) [1]
Basin features
ProgressionUnaSavaDanubeBlack Sea


The name of the river derives from the Latin word sana, which means "healthy".


One of three major wellsprings of the Sana

The Sana originates from four springs gushing into a karst plateau of the Bosanska Krajina, near the villages of Pečka and Mrkonjić Grad, not far from the city of Šipovo. After a length of about 1.5 km , these streams meet to form the Sana, which then pass near the town of Ključ in a south-north direction that the river maintains for many kilometers. The river later combines with the waters of its main tributary, the Sanica River. The river then passes through Sanski Most and combines with the river Zdena. The Sana goes through the city of Prijedor, where the Sana combines with the Gomjenica river. The Sana then directs its course to the west until Bosanski Novi where it flows into the Una river as a tributary. Between Prijedor and Bosanski Novi, the river serves as a natural border between the two towns of Potkozarje and Podgrmeč.

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