San Parteo Church

San Parteo Church or San Perteo Church (French: Chapelle de San-Parteo) is a Pisan-Romanesque church located in Corsica, France. It is a listed historical monument since 1886.[1]

San Parteo Church
Chapelle de San-Parteo
San Parteo Church in Lucciana Corsica.jpg
San Parteo Church near Lucciana
AffiliationRoman Catholic
LocationCorsica, France
Geographic coordinates42°32′17″N 9°29′20″E / 42.5381°N 9.4889°E / 42.5381; 9.4889Coordinates: 42°32′17″N 9°29′20″E / 42.5381°N 9.4889°E / 42.5381; 9.4889
Groundbreaking11th century
Carved lintel

The edifice dates to the 11th and 12th century. It takes its name from the fifth century San Parteo, a saint of regional renown. San Parteo Church lies near the Roman town of Mariana, about 550 metres (1,800 ft) to the west of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (La Canonica).[2][3]

The church is described as having a "grandly sober style".[4] It is built over a pagan cemetery and its lintel is said to be "decorated with a Middle Eastern motif; two lions guarding what is believed to be the Tree of Science in the Garden of Eden."[5]


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