Ecclesiastical region

An ecclesiastical region (Latin: regio ecclesiastica) is a formally organised geographical group of dioceses, ecclesiastical provinces or parishes, without a proper Ordinary as such, in Catholic or Protestant Churches.

Catholic ChurchEdit

Apart from historical other uses, there are presently ecclesiastical regions, grouping parts of the extensive episcopate in five Catholic countries.

The equivalent 'apostolic regions' in France, created in 1961, were suppressed in 2004.


The Catholic Church in Italy is divided into 16 ecclesiastical regions. The regions mostly correspond to the 20 civil administrative regions of Italy.

  1. Abruzzo-Molise (joining those two administrative regions)
  2. Basilicata
  3. Calabria
  4. Campania
  5. Emilia-Romagna
  6. Lazio = Latium
  7. Liguria
  8. Lombardy (Lombardia)
  9. Marche(s)
  10. Piemonte (Piedmont), including Valle d'Aosta
  11. Puglia (Apulia)
  12. Sardinia (Sardegna)
  13. Sicily (Sicilia)
  14. Tuscany (Toscana)
  15. Triveneto (i.e. Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige)
  16. Umbria.


The regions -covering the federal state(s) in parenthesis- comprise the following ecclesiastical province(s) :

ecclesiastical regions in Brasil.
  1. Regional Norte (North) 1 (Amazonas e Roraima) : Manaus (1952)
  2. Regional Norte 2 (Pará e Amapá) : Belém do Pará (1906)
  3. Regional Nordeste (NE) 1 (Ceará) : Fortaleza (1915)
  4. Regional Nordeste 2 (Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte e Alagoas) : Maceió (1920), Natal (1952), Olinda e Recife (1910), Paraíba (1914)
  5. Regional Nordeste 3 (Bahia e Sergipe) : Aracaju (1960), Feira de Santana (2002), San Salvador di Bahia (1676), Vitória da Conquista (2002)
  6. Regional Nordeste 4 (Piauí) : Teresina (1952)
  7. Regional Nordeste 5 (Maranhão) Provincia ecclesiastica di São Luís do Maranhão (1922)
  8. Regional Leste (East) 1 (Rio de Janeiro) ; Niterói (1960), Rio de Janeiro (1892)
  9. Regional Leste 2 (Minas Gerais e Espírito Santo) : Belo Horizonte (1924), Diamantina (1917), Juiz de Fora (1962), Mariana (1906), Montes Claros (2001), Pouso Alegre (1962), Uberaba (1962), Vitória (1958)
  10. Regional Sul (South) 1 (São Paulo) : Aparecida (1958), Botucatu (1958), Campinas (1958), Ribeirão Preto (1958), San Paolo (1908), Sorocaba (1992)
  11. Regional Sul 2 (Paraná) : Cascavel (1979), Curitiba (1926), Curitiba degli Ucraini (2014), Londrina (1970), Maringá (1979)
  12. Regional Sul 3 (Rio Grande do Sul) : Passo Fundo (2011), Pelotas (2011), Porto Alegre (1910), Santa Maria (2011)
  13. Regional Sul 4 (Santa Catarina) : Florianópolis (1927)
  14. Regional Centro-Oeste (Center-West) (Goiás, Distrito Federal e Tocantins) : Brasília (1960), Goiânia (1956), Palmas (1996) and the army bishopric Ordinariato militare in Brasile (1950)
  15. Regional Oeste (West) 1 (Mato Grosso do Sul) : Campo Grande (1979)
  16. Regional Oeste 2 (Mato Grosso) : Cuiabá (1910)
  17. Regional Noroeste (NW) (Rondônia, Acre e Amazonas) : Porto Velho (1982)


Four regions, each comprising several Latin provinces - Ontario and West also the Eastern Catholic province/eparchies, West also a non-metropolitan Latin archdiocese :

  1. Ontario (Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario) : Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Ukrainian Eparchy of Toronto, Chaldean Eparchy of Mar Addai off Toronto, Ruthenian Eparchy of Saints Cyril and Metodius of Toronto
  2. West (Assembly of Western Catholic Bishops) : Edmonton, Grouard-McLennan, Keewatin-Le Pas, Regina, Vancouver, (Latin archdiocese of) Winnipeg, Ukrainian province of Winnipeg
  3. Atlantic (Atlantic Episcopal Assembly) : Halifax-Yarmouth, Moncton, Saint John's
  4. Québec ([francophone] Assemblée des évêques catholiques du Québec) : Gatineau, Quebec, Rimouski, Montréal, Sherbrooke, Maronite Eparchy of Saint Maron of Montréal, Melkite Eparchy of the Salvator of Montréal


Each region covers one or more ecclesiastical provinces :

  1. Sur (South) : Acapulco
  2. Pacífico-Sur : Antequera, Tuxtla Gutiérrez
  3. Norte (North) : Chihuahua
  4. Metropolitana (federal capital) : Archdiocese Ciudad Mexico (cfr. below)
  5. Metro-Circundante : Tlalnepantla, Ciudad Mexico (only suffragans in province, so excepting Ciudad Mexico itself, which constitutes its own region above)
  6. Vizcaya-Pacifico : Durango
  7. Occidente (West) : Guadalajara
  8. Noroeste (NW) : Hermosillo, Tijuana
  9. Noreste (NE) : Monterrey
  10. Golfo : Jalapa
  11. Bajío : León, San Luis Potosí
  12. Don Vasco : Morelia
  13. Oriente (East) : Puebla de los Ángeles
  14. Centro (Central) : Tulancingo
  15. Sureste (SE) : Yucatán

United StatesEdit

See: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops § Regions
The USCCB divides the Latin Church dioceses of the United States into fourteen geographical regions and an overlapping fifteenth 'region' that consists of the Eastern Catholic jurisdictions.

The dioceses of the United States are grouped into fifteen regions: fourteen of the regions (numbered I through XIV) are geographically based, for the Latin Catholic dioceses, the Eastern Catholic eparchies (dioceses) constitute the overlapping 'Region' XV.

Bishops' Region IEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Boston, comprising the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.
Ecclesiastical province of Hartford, comprising the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as Fishers Island in the state of New York.

Bishops' Region IIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of New York, comprising the state of New York except for Fishers Island.

Bishops' Region IIIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Newark, comprising the state of New Jersey.
Ecclesiastical province of Philadelphia, comprising the state of Pennsylvania.

Bishops' Region IVEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Baltimore, comprising most of the state of Maryland as well as the states of Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia.
Ecclesiastical province of Washington, comprising the District of Columbia, 5 counties in southern Maryland, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Bishops' Region VEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Louisville, comprising the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Ecclesiastical province of Mobile, comprising the states of Alabama and Mississippi.
Ecclesiastical province of New Orleans, comprising the state of Louisiana.

Bishops' Region VIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Cincinnati, comprising the state of Ohio.
Ecclesiastical province of Detroit, comprising the state of Michigan.

Bishops' Region VIIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Chicago, comprising the state of Illinois.
Ecclesiastical province of Indianapolis, comprising the state of Indiana.
Ecclesiastical province of Milwaukee, comprising the state of Wisconsin.

Bishops' Region VIIIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, comprising the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Bishops' Region IXEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Dubuque, comprising the state of Iowa.
Ecclesiastical province of Kansas City, comprising the state of Kansas.
Ecclesiastical province of Omaha, comprising the state of Nebraska.
Ecclesiastical province of Saint Louis, comprising the state of Missouri.

Bishops' Region XEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Galveston-Houston, comprising the east and southeast parts of the state of Texas.
Ecclesiastical province of San Antonio, comprising the west and north of the state of Texas.
Ecclesiastical province of Oklahoma City, comprising the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Bishops' Region XIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Los Angeles, comprising the southern part of the state of California.
Ecclesiastical province of San Francisco, comprising the northern part of the state of California and the states of Hawaii (in Oceania), Nevada and Utah[citation needed].

Bishops' Region XIIEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Anchorage-Juneau, comprising the state of Alaska.
Ecclesiastical province of Portland in Oregon, comprising the states of Idaho, Montana and Oregon, except for the parts of Yellowstone National Park in the states of Idaho and Montana.
Ecclesiastical province of Seattle, comprising the state of Washington

Bishops' Region XIIIEdit

A diocese from the ecclesiastical province of San Francisco.
Ecclesiastical province of Denver, comprising the states of Colorado and Wyoming, as well as the parts of Yellowstone National Park in the states of Idaho and Montana.
Ecclesiastical province of Santa Fe, comprising the states of Arizona and New Mexico.

Bishops' Region XIVEdit

Ecclesiastical province of Miami, comprising the state of Florida.
Ecclesiastical province of Atlanta, comprising the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Bishops' "Region" XV - Eastern Catholic Eparchies and ArcheparchiesEdit

This is not a geographical region and it does not consist of ecclesiastical provinces. Instead, it consists exclusively of US branches of various, generally Europe- or Asia-based, particular Eastern Catholic Churches. See the Eastern Catholic Churches section (below) for their particular hierarchies.

Antiochian rites
Maronite Church
Syriac Catholic Church
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
Armenian rite
Armenian Catholic Church
Byzantine (Constantinopolitan) rites
Melkite Greek Catholic Church
Romanian Catholic Church
Ruthenian Catholic Church

Ecclesiastical province of the Ruthenian Catholic Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the only one whose chief passed to America

Ecclesiastical Province of Philadelphia

Syro-Oriental Rites
Chaldean Catholic Church
Syro-Malabar Catholic Church

Protestant ChurchesEdit



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