Sami (Finnish: [ˈsɑmi]), also Samy or Sammy, is a given name and surname of different origins and meanings, most prevalent in the Arab world and Scandinavia.


Sami, Samy, Samee (Arabic: سامي samī) [ˈsæːmi, ˈsaː-, ˈsɛː-], is an Arabic male given name meaning "elevated (رَفْعَة raf‘ah)" or "sublime (سُمُوّ sumū/ sumuw)",[1] in fact stemmed from the verb samā (سما) which means "to transcend", where the verb forms the adjective Sami which means "to be high, elevated, eminent, prominent".[2]

The female given name, Samiya or Samia (سامِيَة), is formed and stemmed from this name.

The name Sami is often confused with other Arabic male given names, Samee (Arabic for 'one who hears') or Samir, specifically amongst non-native Arabic speakers when used outside of English-speaking countries.


Sami as a Turkish and Finnish male name derived from the name Samuel, or an American name abbreviated from Samantha or Samuel.

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