Sakya Tashi Ling

Sakya Tashi Ling (Tibetan: ས་སྐྱ་བཀྲ་ཤིས་གླིང་, Wylie: Sa-skya Bkra-shis Gling) is a monastery belonging to one of four Buddhist schools from Tibet, the Sakyapa tradition. It is an ancient order that follows the Tibetan spiritual leader and ancient king Sakya Trizin. The monastery is ruled by Lama Jamyang Tashi Dorje. It was established in July 1996.

Ten years after its foundation, the community moved into the Plana Novella palace, deep inside the Garraf Natural Park, 40 minutes away from Barcelona, Spain. It is not the first Buddhist monastery in Catalonia. The first one is Kagyu Samye Dzong, founded in 1977.

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