Sakar Island

Sakar Island is a volcanic island north-west of New Britain in the Bismarck Sea, at 5°25′00″S 148°06′00″E / 5.416667°S 148.1°E / -5.416667; 148.1. It is a stratovolcano with a summit crater lake. No recorded eruptions are known.

Sakar Island
Dampier Strait NASA.jpg
Dampier Strait seen from space. Also visible are Umboi Island (west), New Britain (east) and Sakar Island (north). (false color)
Highest point
Elevation992 m (3,255 ft)
Prominence992 m (3,255 ft)
Coordinates5°24′50″S 148°05′40″E / 5.41389°S 148.09444°E / -5.41389; 148.09444
Sakar Island is located in Papua New Guinea
Sakar Island
Sakar Island
Location in Papua New Guinea
LocationPapua New Guinea
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionUnknown

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