Umboi Island

Umboi (also named Rooke or Siassi) is a volcanic island between the mainland of Papua New Guinea and the island of New Britain. It is separated from New Britain by Dampier Strait and Huon Peninsula, New Guinea Island by Vitiaz Strait. It has an elevation of 1,548 metres (5,079 feet).

Umboi Island
Space Shuttle image of Umboi Island (north to upper right).
Highest point
Elevation1,548 m (5,079 ft)
Prominence1,548 m (5,079 ft)
Coordinates5°32′S 147°52′E / 5.533°S 147.867°E / -5.533; 147.867
LocationPapua New Guinea
Mountain typeComplex volcano
Last eruptionUnknown

Languages are Papuan Kobai; and Austronesian:Mbula, Karanai, and Saveng languages.

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Umboi Island seen from space. Also visible is Sakar Island. (false color)