Saint Warinus

Warinus of Poitiers (also Warin, Guerin, Gerinus, Varinus; died 677 AD) was the Franco-Burgundian Count of Poitiers and Count of Paris and later Saint Warinus, Martyr of the Franks.[1][2][3] He was the son of Saint Sigrada of Sainte-Marie de Soissons and the brother of Saint Leodegarius.[1][4] He was the father of Saint Leudwinus.[2][4]

Saint Warinus
Martyr of the Franks
BornAutun, kingdom of Burgundy
Died677 AD
Arras, Neustria
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
FeastAugust 25
PatronageThe Franks

In 677 AD, Warinus was stoned to death near Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France because of a feud between his brother Leodegarius and Ebroin, the Frankish Mayor of the Palace of Neustria.[1][3][4]


Warinus was born in Autun, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy.[1][4] He was the son of Bodilon, a Count of Poitiers and of Sigrada of Alsace, Sainte-Marie de Soissons.[1][4] He was the founder of the famous noble family of the Guideschi.[citation needed]

As a nobleman, Warinus spent his childhood at the court of Clotaire II.[1]

He married Gunza von Treves, a Frankish noblewoman in France.[1][4] His wife came from an influential Frankish family and was the sister of Saint Basinus of Treves. They had three or four children:

  • Leudwinus, Count of Poitiers (born 660 AD - died 722 AD)
  • Grimgert, Count of Paris (born c. 667 AD)
  • Lambert I of Hesbaye (born 632 AD - died 725 AD) married to Doda of Poitiers (born 654 AD - died 678 AD)

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