Saffron rice is a dish made from saffron, white rice[1][2] and also usually vegetable bouillon. Saffron rice is found in the cuisines of many countries (in one form or another). The recipe is similar to plain cooked rice with addition of ingredients.

Saffron Rice
Basic saffron rice.JPG
Basic saffron rice, made with bouillon cubes and saffron
Main ingredientsWhite rice, saffron, vegetable bouillon


Saffron rice is a dish in the cuisine of Seychelles.[3]

South AsiaEdit

In India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, plain saffron rice is cooked with joha rice or Basmati rice, saffron, vegetable bouillon, ghee, and bay leaves.

Middle EastEdit

In Iran, Turkey, India, and Pakistan, sweet saffron rice called zarda is made from white rice, saffron, table sugar, rose water, roasted pine seeds, and chopped pistachio nuts.[citation needed]

Similar other dishes exist in other parts of Western Asia.

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