Sabina of Bavaria

Sabina of Bavaria-Munich (24 April 1492 – 30 August 1564) was Duchess consort of Württemberg by marriage to Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg.

Sabina of Bavaria
Sabine of Bavaria-Munich.jpg
Portrait by Barthel Beham, 1530
Duchess consort of Württemberg
Tenure2 March 1511 - January 1519
TenureMay 1534 - 6 November 1550
Born24 April 1492
Died30 August 1564(1564-08-30) (aged 72)
SpouseUlrich, Duke of Württemberg
IssueChristoph, Duke of Württemberg
Anna of Württemberg
HouseHouse of Wittelsbach
FatherAlbert IV, Duke of Bavaria
MotherKunigunde of Austria



Sabina was the daughter of Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Kunigunde of Austria, daughter of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor and Eleanor of Portugal.

Duchess consort of WürttembergEdit

Sabina was promised at the age of six years for strategic reasons by her uncle, King Maximilian I, to Ulrich of Württemberg to whom she was married 15 years later. This marriage was unhappy because of Ulrich's tendency to violence, so that Sabina was ultimately forced to flee from Württemberg without her two children and seek shelter with her brothers in Munich.

When in 1551 her son Christoph inherited the throne of Württemberg, Sabina moved to Nürtingen, which was then the official widow's residence of the Württembergs. There she led a small court and being an educated woman turned it into a meeting place for Württemberg Protestantism.

With Ulrich of Württemberg she had two children: Christoph, Duke of Württemberg (12 May 1515 – 28 December 1568), and Anna (30 January 1513 – 29 June 1530).


Sabina's ancestors in three generations
Sabina of Bavaria Father:
Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Grandfather:
Albert III, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Ernest, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Elisabetta Visconti
Paternal Grandmother:
Anna of Brunswick-Grubenhagen-Einbeck
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Elisabeth of Brunswick-Göttingen
Kunigunde of Austria
Maternal Grandfather:
Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Ernest, Duke of Austria
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Cymburgis of Masovia
Maternal Grandmother:
Eleanor of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Edward of Portugal
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Leonor of Aragon

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