SKCF Sevastopol

SKCF Sevastopol (Russian: Спортивный Клуб Черноморского Флота, Ukrainian: Спортивний Клуб Чорноморського Флоту) was a Soviet football team from Sevastopol, Russian SFSR, later Ukrainian SSR. The club represented sports club of the Black Sea Fleet and originally was called as the Fleet Officers Club, DOF (Russian: Дом Офицеров Флота, ДОФ). The football team first appeared before the World War II in the 1939 Russian Cup (Russian SFSR) where they lost to Sudostroitel Sevastopol.

After the war the team was revived in 1949 and existed until 1971. In 1949–1952 it played in the Russian football championship among KFK. In 1953 due to the death of Joseph Stalin, almost all military-based sports organization were withdrawn from competitions including SKCF. In 1954 the Crimean Oblast was transferred from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR and teams of SKCF started to play more often with Ukrainian teams.

In 1963 the club was relegated and played in an amateur competition. In 1964 to the Master competition was promoted another club from Sevastopol Chaika Sevastopol that played in the Class B for the next three seasons until also was relegated. In 1968 SKCF managed to return, but had a terrible season and was relegated again. After another poor performance at amateur level the club folded. From 1971 Sevastopol was represented by Avanhard Sevastopol.