SEAT 850

The SEAT 850 was a car launched in 1966, based upon the Fiat 850. Originally only available with the same 2-door sedan body as used in Italy, two different 4-door versions also appeared in 1967. The very rare corto (short) used the bodywork developed by Francis Lombardi for the Fiat 850 "Lucciola",[2] while the largo (long) version used a floorpan lengthened by 15 cm and bodywork developed specifically by SEAT. The car was produced in Spain from April 1966 to 1974 and it was quite popular during that time.

SEAT 850
Seat 850 2 door Madrid.jpg
AssemblyBarcelona Zona Franca, Spain
Body and chassis
RelatedFiat 850
SEAT 133
Engine843 cc I4
903 cc I4 (Sport Coupé, Spider)
Transmission4-speed manual
Wheelbase2,027 mm (79.8 in)
  • 3,575 mm (140.7 in)
  • 3,725 mm (146.7 in) (4-door)[1]
Width1,425 mm (56.1 in)
Curb weight650 kg (1,430 lb)
SuccessorSEAT 133
SEAT 1200 Sport (for SEAT 850 Sport)
SEAT 850 Especial Lujo (4-door "largo")

At the 1971 Paris Motor Salon, the 850 Especial Lujo (Special deLuxe) was presented, only available with the 4-door largo body. Production ended in late 1974, having been replaced by the SEAT 133, essentially an 850 rebodied in the style of the 127. Sedans and the standard coupé received 843 cc four-cylinder engines with either 37 or 47 PS (27 or 35 kW). After Fiat 850 production ceased in Italy in 1972, the SEAT version was sold in European countries through Fiat dealers for a couple of years. These cars had a Fiat badge which had "costruzione SEAT" underneath it.

Production figuresEdit

The total production per year of SEAT 850 cars is shown in the following table :

model 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974
SEAT 850
Total annual production
31,314 69,009 64,605 77,282 115,144 102,728 89,142 77,950 37,172

SEAT 850 SportEdit

SEAT 850 Sport Spider
SEAT 850 Sport Coupé

The SEAT 850 Sport model was based on the Fiat 850 Coupé and Spider versions and was also available in two variants:

  • SEAT 850 Sport Spider, the convertible variant
  • SEAT 850 Sport Coupé and SEAT 850 Coupé, the two model versions of the coupé variant

The Sport Coupé and Spider versions were also built in Spain, although they were never exported. They were equipped with a 51 horsepower 903 cc engine as opposed to the lower powered, 843 cc standard cars.


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