Rumyantsevo (Moscow Metro)

Rumyantsevo (Russian: Румянцево) is the station on the Moscow Metro's Sokolnicheskaya Line between Troparyovo and Salaryevo. It was the 199th station on the Metro when it opened on January 18, 2016.[1][2][3] Rumyantsevo served as the terminus of the line until Salaryevo opened on 15 February 2016.

Moscow Metro station
Moscow Rumyantsevo Metro station 04-2016.jpg
LocationMoskovsky Settlement
Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug
Coordinates55°37′59″N 37°26′31″E / 55.6330°N 37.4419°E / 55.6330; 37.4419Coordinates: 55°37′59″N 37°26′31″E / 55.6330°N 37.4419°E / 55.6330; 37.4419
Owned byMoskovsky Metropoliten
Line(s)#1 Sokolnicheskaya line Sokolnicheskaya line
Platforms1 island platform
Platform levels1
Opened18 January 2016; 5 years ago (18 January 2016)
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
toward Kommunarka
Sokolnicheskaya line
Rumyantsevo is located in Moscow Metro
Location within Moscow Metro


It is in Moskovsky Settlement, Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug, which became part of the city of Moscow in 2012. The station is at the intersection of Kiyevskoye Highway and Rodnikovaya Ulitsa.

Rumyantsevo is the first metro station in the outlying area known as “New Moscow” and one of the few stations lying beyond the Moscow Ring Road. Its name comes from the prior village of Rumyantsevo, which was absorbed into Moscow.[1]

Construction and DesignEdit

Work on the first tunnel from Salaryevo began in August 2013. Tunneling of the second tunnel began in October 2013.[4] The city initially projected an opening date sometime in 2014.[4] Construction crews completed tunneling in October 2014.[5]

In April 2014, during construction, workers found a small cache dating from the 16th century that included several vessels and some jewelry.[6]

The city completed installation of the stations's escalators in January 2015.[7]

The station has two underground lobbies and entrances on both sides of Kievskaya Highway. An unusual feature is the second level above the platform which is used for the service and technical area. These areas are generally at the ends of the station. The interior is decorated with colorful tiles in the abstract style of Piet Mondrian.[7]


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