Olkhovaya (Moscow Metro)

Olkhovaya is a Moscow Metro station on the Sokolnicheskaya line. It was opened on June 20, 2019, as part of an extension that included Kommunarka, Prokshino, and Filatov Lug.[1][2]

Moscow Metro station
MM Olkhovaya.jpg
LocationSosenskoye Settlement
Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug
Owned byMoskovsky Metropoliten
Line(s)#1 Sokolnicheskaya line Sokolnicheskaya line
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typeCovered, underground
Opened20 June 2019
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
toward Kommunarka
Sokolnicheskaya line


With white square tiles placed in "square diamond" positions, Olkhovaya somewhat resembles Profsoyznaya metro station. The station's active hall (not on photo) has amber-like mosaic featuring "olkha" trees in autumn (with yellow/orange leaves).

The overground part of the station features paved roads and designer benches.

Role for "New Moscow" areasEdit

Said station is adjacent to Kaluzhskoe shosse highway and has a parking lot for the car users. Thanks to various bus stops (various routes available) highway bus riders can interchange to/from Moscow Metro without dealing with MKAD-related rush hour traffic jams.

  • Unlike many other out-of-Moscow highways, Kaluzhskoe Shosse highway does not have a railroad "double" to offer an undisturbed public transport alternative to the highway disturbed by severely congested MKAD; nowadays, Line 1 serves as the alternative.


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