Rudolf Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden

Rudolf Hesso of Baden-Baden (c. 1290 – 17 August 1335) was a son of Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden and his wife, Adelaide of Rieneck. He succeeded his father as Margrave of Baden-Baden in 1297, and ruled jointly with his uncle, Rudolf III. From 1332 to 1335, he ruled alone.

Rudolf Hesso
Margrave of Baden-Baden
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Died17 August 1335 (aged 44-45)
Noble familyHouse of Zähringen
Spouse(s)Joanna of Burgundy
FatherHesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden
MotherAdelaide of Rieneck

He married Joanna of Burgundy, Lady of Héricourt, a daughter of Reginald of Burgundy and widow of Count Ulrich II of Pfirt.

Rudolf Hesso and Joanna had two daughters:

Rudolph Hesso died in 1335. As he had no male heirs, Baden-Baden was inherited after his death by his cousin, Rudolf IV, Margrave of Baden-Pforzheim.

Rudolf Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden
 Died: 1335
Preceded by Margrave of Baden-Baden
With: Rudolf III
Succeeded byas Margrave of Baden