Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden

Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden (1268 – 13 February 1297) was a son of Rudolf I and his wife, Kunigunde of Eberstein. After his father died in 1288, he ruled the Margraviate of Baden jointly with his brothers Rudolf II, Herman VII and Rudolf III.

Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden
Noble familyHouse of Zähringen
Spouse(s)Clara of Klingen
Irmengard of Württemberg
Adelaide of Rieneck
IssueHerman VIII
Rudolf Hesso
FatherRudolf I, Margrave of Baden-Baden
MotherKunigunde of Eberstein

Hesso married three times:

  • Clara (d. before 10 June 1291), a daughter of Count Walter III of Klingen. With her, he had a son:
  • Irmengard (1261/64 – before 1295), a daughter of Count Ulrich I of Württemberg and Agnes of Legnica
  • Adelaide (d. 1299), a daughter of Count Gerhard IV of Rieneck. With her, he had another son:
Hesso, Margrave of Baden-Baden
 Died: 1297
Preceded by Margrave of Baden
With: Rudolf II, Herman VII and Rudolf III
Succeeded by