Rude Records

Rude Records is an independent and international record label founded in 2000 and based in Milan, Italy. The label's artists are generally considered to fall under the genres of punk rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, and alternative rock.[1] Over the years the company has signed agreements with various record labels, especially from the US, to handle promotion, marketing, and distribution of their releases in Europe.[2] It has published over 150 albums by more than 60 artists.[3]

Rude Records
Rude Records Logo 2020.png
Rude Records Logo
FounderIlich Rausa, Gianluca Amendolara
Distributor(s)The Orchard
GenrePop punk, hardcore punk, alternative rock
Country of originItaly
LocationMilan, Italy


The name Rude Records takes inspiration from "rude boys", ska fans: when was the time to decide the label's name Gianluca Amendolara was producing an album by Franziska, a band that followed that genre.[4]


The first logo (2000)

Rude was founded in 2000[5] by Ilich Rausa and Gianluca Amendolara, in order to publish two bands of friends (Kevlar HC and No Comply).[6]

The success came in 2001, when a song by Sun Eats Hours was included in a Rock Sound compilation and they were contacted to support the Offspring on tour.[6]

In 2005, a collaboration with Nitro Records (label owned by the singer Dexter Holland) was established[7] and, in the following year, a new deal was signed with Side One Dummy Records to promote their catalog in Southern Europe. Agreements with Punk Core, Bad Taste Records and Hopeless Records followed.[6][8] In 2007, Rude Records licensed the back catalogue of Gogol Bordello from Rubric Records for the world outside the US. The following year they released a documentary movie of Gogol Bordello, in Europe, titled The Pied Piper of Hutzovina. In 2011, Zebrahead joined the Rude roster, with their album "Get Nice!", and were followed by Bedouin Soundclash, Less Than Jake and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones by the end of the year. In 2013, the label expanded its network into South East Asia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Over the years it has developed an international network with teams in North America, the UK, Asia, Japan, Australia and Europe which further increases the label's global presence. Rude Records in recent years has signed many young artists that it has launched internationally such as Stand Atlantic, Blood Youth, Homebound, Sundressed and many others.[9] From 2020 Rude Records signed a worldwide agreement with Sony Music for digital and physical distribution operated by The Orchard and a deal with Sony ATV America for the management of publishing.[5]



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  • 2001 – Stay Rude, Stay Rebel
  • 2002 – Mad for Ska
  • 2003 – Punk It!
  • 2003 – Anti-Tour - The Combat Compilation
  • 2004 – Punk It! Vol.2
  • 2007 – Think Punk Vol. 1
  • 2014 – PGA - Italian Punks Go Acoustic: Stay Together For The Kids
  • 2016 – Music for Boobies
  • 2016 – PGA - Italian Punks Go Acoustic: If the Kids Are United
  • 2020 – It'd Be Rude Not To

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