Royal Archaeological Institute

The Royal Archaeological Institute (RAI) is a learned society, established in 1844, with interests in all aspects of the archaeological, architectural and landscape history of the British Isles. Membership is open to all with an interest in these areas.

Royal Archaeological Institute
TypeLearned society
PurposeArchaeology, architecture and landscape history in the British Isles
Region served
British Isles
Charles III
Lindsay Allason-Jones


One of the institute's principal activities is the publication of the Archaeological Journal, an annual peer-reviewed journal containing reports of archaeological and architectural survey and fieldwork on sites and monuments of all periods, and syntheses and overviews of similar work throughout the British Isles. It also hosts lectures and seminars, and both sponsors and participates in field trips to archaeological sites and landscapes. It works in cooperation with other archaeological bodies and societies. A programme of monthly lectures is held from October to May at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.[1]


The following have served as presidents of the institute:[2][3]

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