Royal ǀUiǀoǀoo

Royal Johan Kxao ǀUiǀoǀoo[note 1][note 2] (born 30 September 1966) is a Namibian politician who is serving in the Cabinet of Namibia as Deputy Minister of Marginalised People since March 2015.[1] He was a member of Parliament as a SWAPO backbencher between 2000 and 2010,[2] and after that a special advisor in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.[3]


Royal ǀUiǀoǀoo
Deputy Minister of Marginalised People
Assumed office
21 March 2015
PresidentHage Geingob
Prime MinisterSaara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila
Preceded byNickey Iyambo

Early life and educationEdit

ǀUiǀoǀoo grew up in Botswana. Between 1991 and 1997 he worked as a teacher at different schools. In 2000 he finished his matric at NamCOL and holds a certificate in Linguistic Studies in African Languages. As of 2019 he is enrolled at Unisa for a law degree.[4][2]

ǀUiǀoǀoo is an ethnic ǃKung from Tsumkwe's Juǀʼhoan-speaking community, for which he is also a senior traditional officer. At the time he became a parliamentarian in 2000, he was the youngest ever SWAPO MP. He also was the first and only San to serve in Parliament.[5]


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