Rowing at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's single sculls

Women's single sculls competition at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing was held between August 9 and 16, at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park.[1]

Women's single sculls
at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
1st place, gold medalist(s) Rumyana Neykova  Bulgaria
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Michelle Guerette  United States
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Ekaterina Karsten  Belarus
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This rowing event is a single scull event, meaning that each boat is propelled by a single rower. The "scull" portion means that the rower uses two oars, one on each side of the boat; this contrasts with sweep rowing in which each rower has one oar and rows on only one side (not feasible for singles events!). The competition consists of multiple rounds. Finals were held to determine the placing of each boat; these finals were given letters with those nearer to the beginning of the alphabet meaning a better ranking. Semifinals were named based on which finals they fed, with each semifinal having two possible finals.

During the first round six heats were held. The top three boats in each heat advance to the quarterfinals, together with the 6 fastest of the remaining scullers, while all others are relegated to the E/F semifinals.

The quarterfinals were the second round for rowers still competing for medals. Placing in the quarterfinal heats determined which semifinal the boat would race in. The top three boats in each quarterfinal moved on to the A/B semifinals, with the bottom three boats going to the C/D semifinals.

Six semifinals were held, two each of A/B semifinals, C/D semifinals, and E/F semifinals. For each semifinal race, the top three boats moved on to the better of the two finals, while the bottom three boats went to the lesser of the two finals possible. For example, a second-place finish in an A/B semifinal would result in advancement to the A final.

The fourth and final round was the Finals. Each final determined a set of rankings. The A final determined the medals, along with the rest of the places through 6th. The B final gave rankings from 7th to 12th, the C from 13th to 18th, and so on. Thus, to win a medal rowers had to finish in the top four of their heat, top three of their quarterfinal, and top three of their A/B semifinal to reach the A final.


All times are China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Date Time Round
Saturday, August 9, 2008 13:50-14:50 Heats
Monday, August 11, 2008 15:30-16:10 Quarterfinals
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 14:50-15:10 Semifinals C/D
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 15:30-15:50 Semifinals A/B
Friday, August 15, 2008 14:10-14:20 Final E
Friday, August 15, 2008 14:30-14:40 Final D
Friday, August 15, 2008 14:50-15:00 Final C
Friday, August 15, 2008 16:50-17:00 Final B
Saturday, August 16, 2008 15:30-15:40 Final A



  • Qualification Rules: 1-3->Q, 4..->Q or FE

Heat 1Edit

Rank Rower Country Time Notes
1 Zhang Xiuyun   China 7:38.16 Q
2 Julia Michalska   Poland 7:41.16 Q
3 Sophie Balmary   France 7:47.37 Q
4 Gabriela Best   Argentina 7:58.60 Q
5 Soraya Jadue   Chile 8:04.08 Q

Heat 2Edit

Rank Rower Country Time Notes
1 Emma Twigg   New Zealand 7:45.18 Q
2 Iva Obradović   Serbia 7:49.13 Q
3 Nuria Domínguez   Spain 7:58.03 Q
4 Fabiana Beltrame   Brazil 8:08.84 Q
5 Lee Ka Man   Hong Kong 8:23.02 Q

Heat 3Edit

Rank Rower Country Time Notes
1 Ekaterina Karsten   Belarus 7:40.03 Q
2 Michelle Guerette   United States 7:49.14 Q
3 Sin Yeong-eun   South Korea 8:17.40 Q
4 Inga Dudchenko   Kazakhstan 8:28.24 Q

Heat 4Edit

Rank Rower Country Time Notes
1 Rumyana Neykova   Bulgaria 7:56.07 Q
2 Mayra González   Cuba 8:07.22 Q
3 Rika Geyser   South Africa 8:20.26 Q
4 Shwe Zin Latt   Myanmar 8:42.23 Q

Heat 5Edit

Rank Rower Country Time Notes
1 Gabriella Bascelli   Italy 7:43.67 Q
2 Pippa Savage   Australia 7:57.95 Q
3 Camila Vargas   El Salvador 8:32.06 Q
4 Homa Hosseini   Iran 9:02.12 FE

Heat 6Edit

Rank Rower Country Time Notes
1 Miroslava Knapková   Czech Republic 7:51.56 Q
2 Frida Svensson   Sweden 7:56.39 Q
3 Elana Hill   Zimbabwe 8:35.53 Q
4 Heba Ahmed   Egypt 8:46.96 FE


  • Qualification Rules: 1-3->SA/B, 4..->SC/D

Quarterfinal 1Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Michelle Guerette   United States 7:28.91 SA/B
2 Julia Michalska   Poland 7:31.90 SA/B
3 Gabriella Bascelli   Italy 7:36.68 SA/B
4 Nuria Domínguez   Spain 7:49.60 SC/D
5 Inga Dudchenko   Kazakhstan 8:15.88 SC/D
6 Elana Hill   Zimbabwe 8:20.84 SC/D

Quarterfinal 2Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Miroslava Knapková   Czech Republic 7:30.33 SA/B
2 Sophie Balmary   France 7:37.01 SA/B
3 Iva Obradović   Serbia 7:39.16 SA/B
4 Mayra González   Cuba 7:45.75 SC/D
5 Camila Vargas   El Salvador 8:11.79 SC/D
6 Shwe Zin Latt   Myanmar 8:17.76 SC/D

Quarterfinal 3Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Rumyana Neykova   Bulgaria 7:22.37 SA/B
2 Zhang Xiuyun   China 7:23.30 SA/B
3 Pippa Savage   Australia 7:34.03 SA/B
4 Soraya Jadue   Chile 7:51.52 SC/D
5 Fabiana Beltrame   Brazil 7:52.65 SC/D
6 Shin Yeong-eun   South Korea 7:58.71 SC/D

Quarterfinal 4Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Ekaterina Karsten   Belarus 7:25.74 SA/B
2 Frida Svensson   Sweden 7:29.29 SA/B
3 Emma Twigg   New Zealand 7:34.24 SA/B
4 Rika Geyser   South Africa 7:44.14 SC/D
5 Gabriela Best   Argentina 7:46.45 SC/D
6 Lee Ka Man   Hong Kong 8:04.68 SC/D

Semifinals C/DEdit

  • Qualification Rules: 1-3->FC, 4-5->FD, 6..->FE

Semifinal C/D 1Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Mayra González   Cuba 8:02.10 FC
2 Nuria Domínguez   Spain 8:03.61 FC
3 Gabriela Best   Argentina 8:09.61 FC
4 Fabiana Beltrame   Brazil 8:13.01 FD
5 Shin Yeong-eun   South Korea 8:23.62 FD
6 Elana Hill   Zimbabwe 8:34.27 FE

Semifinal C/D 2Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Rika Geyser   South Africa 7:59.67 FC
2 Soraya Jadue   Chile 8:13.67 FC
3 Inga Dudchenko   Kazakhstan 8:16.95 FC
4 Camila Vargas   El Salvador 8:22.35 FD
5 Shwe Zin Latt   Myanmar 8:24.23 FD
6 Lee Ka Man   Hong Kong 8:30.80 FE

Semifinals A/BEdit

  • Qualification Rules: 1-3->FA, 4..->FB

Semifinal A/B 1Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Zhang Xiuyun   China 7:31.33 FA
2 Michelle Guerette   United States 7:35.69 FA
3 Miroslava Knapková   Czech Republic 7:38.14 FA
4 Gabriella Bascelli   Italy 7:42.10 FB
5 Pippa Savage   Australia 7:43.98 FB
6 Frida Svensson   Sweden 7:46.38 FB

Semifinal A/B 2Edit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Ekaterina Karsten   Belarus 7:32.86 FA
2 Rumyana Neykova   Bulgaria 7:33.29 FA
3 Julia Michalska   Poland 7:38.04 FA
4 Emma Twigg   New Zealand 7:38.09 FB
5 Iva Obradović   Serbia 7:52.39 FB
6 Sophie Balmary   France 7:56.73 FB


Final EEdit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Lee Ka Man   Hong Kong 7:56.07
2 Heba Ahmed   Egypt 8:07.10
3 Elana Hill   Zimbabwe 8:09.94
4 Homa Hosseini   Iran 8:18.20

Final DEdit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Fabiana Beltrame   Brazil 7:43.04
2 Shin Yeong-eun   South Korea 7:48.31
3 Shwe Zin Latt   Myanmar 8:00.05
4 Camila Vargas   El Salvador 8:02.91

Final CEdit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Rika Geyser   South Africa 7:35.06
2 Nuria Domínguez   Spain 7:36.12
3 Mayra González   Cuba 7:42.68
4 Gabriela Best   Argentina 7:45.21
5 Soraya Jadue   Chile 7:48.35
6 Inga Dudchenko   Kazakhstan 8:16.09

Final BEdit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Frida Svensson   Sweden 7:48.19
2 Gabriella Bascelli   Italy 7:48.91
3 Emma Twigg   New Zealand 7:51.63
4 Pippa Savage   Australia 7:53.43
5 Iva Obradović   Serbia 7:53.83
6 Sophie Balmary   France 7:58.88

Final AEdit

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
  Rumyana Neykova   Bulgaria 7:22.34
  Michelle Guerette   United States 7:22.78
  Ekaterina Karsten   Belarus 7:23.98
4 Zhang Xiuyun   China 7:25.48
5 Miroslava Knapková   Czech Republic 7:35.52
6 Julia Michalska   Poland 7:43.44


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