Route 10 (Paraguay)

National Route 10 (officially, PY10, simply known as Ruta Diez) is a highway in Paraguay, which runs from Naranjal to Paraguarí, connecting national routes PY06 and PY01.
Previously, the route that connects Puerto Rosario with Salto del Guairá was called Route 10, but with Resolution 1090/19 of the MOPC (Ministry of Public Works and Communications), the section from Puerto Rosario to San Estanislao is now part of route PY22, and the section from San Estanislao to Salto del Guairá is now part of route PY03.

National Route 10 shield

National Route 10
Ruta Nacional 10
PY10 highlighted in red
PY10 near the city of Paraguarí.
Route information
Length242 km (150 mi)
Major junctions
East endNaranjal
West endParaguarí
Highway system
Paraguay National Routes

Distances, cities and townsEdit

The following table shows the distances traversed by National Route 10 in each different department, showing cities and towns that it passes by (or near).

Km City Department Junctions
0 Naranjal Alto Paraná   PY06
30 San Cristóbal Alto Paraná
47 Tuparenda Caazapá
64 Tuna Caazapá
77 San Agustín Caazapá
100 Paso Yobai Guairá   PY13
120 Independencia Guairá
124 Melgarejo Guairá
145 Mbocayaty Guairá
150 Villarrica Guairá   PY08
160 Félix Pérez Cardozo Guairá
170 Coronel Martínez Guairá
175 Tebicuary-mí Paraguarí
191 Ybytimí Paraguarí
205 Gral. Bernardino Caballero Paraguarí
215 Sapucaí Paraguarí
225 Escobar Paraguarí
242 Paraguarí Paraguarí   PY01