Route 1 (Paraguay)

National Route 1 (in Spanish, Ruta Nacional Número 1 "Mcal. Francisco Solano López", or simply Ruta Uno) is one of the most important and one of the first highways in Paraguay, which runs from the capital city, Asunción to Itapua Department's capital, Encarnación. Crossing the departments of Central, Paraguarí, Misiones and Itapua. It starts on Avenida Eusebio Ayala, and ends at the San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge, on the Paraná River, traversing 370 km (230 mi).

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National Route 1
Ruta Nacional Número 1
Mcal. Francisco Solano López
Route information
Length370 km (230 mi)
Major junctions
North endAsunción
 Ruta 2 paraguay sign.PNG Route 2 in San Lorenzo, CE

Ruta 4 paraguay sign.PNG Route 4 in San Ignacio, MS
Ruta 8 paraguay sign.PNG Route 8 in Coronel Bogado, IT

Ruta 6 paraguay sign.PNG Route 6 in Encarnación, IT
South endEncarnación
Highway system
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Distances and important citiesEdit

The following table shows the distances traversed by Ruta 1 in each different department, and important cities that it passes by (or near).

Km City Department Junctions
0 Asunción Asunción
6 Fernando de la Mora Central
10 San Lorenzo Central   Route 2
20 Capiatá Central
25 Julián Augusto Saldívar Central
36 Itá Central
48 Yaguarón Paraguarí
69 Paraguarí Paraguarí
83 Carapeguá Paraguarí
95 San Roque G. de Santa Cruz Paraguarí
109 Quiindy Paraguarí
138 Caapucú Paraguarí
160 Villa Florida Misiones
178 San Miguel Misiones
196 San Juan Bautista Misiones
224 San Ignacio Misiones   Route 4
243 Santa Rosa Misiones
252 San Patricio Misiones
288 General Delgado Itapúa
320 Coronel Bogado Itapúa   Route 8
330 Carmen del Paraná Itapúa
365 San Juan del Paraná Itapúa
370 Encarnación Itapúa   Route 6