Route 6 (Paraguay)

National Route 6 (officially, Ruta Nacional Número 6 "Dr. Juan León Mallorquín", better known as Ruta Seis) is one of the national highways of Paraguay. With a length of 247 km it mainly connects the second and third most populated cities in Paraguay, Ciudad del Este and Encarnación respectively. It crosses the departments of Alto Parana and Itapua.

National Route 6 shield
National Route 6
Ruta Nacional 6
Dr. Juan León Mallorquín
PY06 highlighted in red
Route information
Length247 km (153 mi)
Major junctions
South endEncarnación
 Ruta 1 paraguay sign.PNG Route 1 in Encarnación, IT
Ruta 7 paraguay sign.PNG Route 7 in Minga Guazú, AP
North endMinga Guazú
Highway system
Paraguay National Routes

Distances and important citiesEdit

The following table shows the distances traversed by National Route 6 in each different department, and important cities that it passes by (or near).

Km City Department Junctions
0 Encarnación Itapua   Route 1
6 Capitán Miranda Itapua
21 Trinidad Itapua
35 Hohenau Itapua
38 Obligado Itapua
48 Bella Vista Itapua
71 Pirapó Itapua
87 Capitán Meza Itapua
93 Edelira Itapua
119 Tomás Romero Pereira Itapua
206 Santa Rita Alto Parana
247 Minga Guazú Alto Parana   Route 7