Rotberger is a wine grape variety. Its parentage is not known with certainty but it is thought to be from a cross of Trollinger and Riesling grapes.[1] Dr. Heinrich Birk (1898-1973) produced the cross at the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute in 1928. It is used to produce fruity, early maturing light red wines in cool-climate areas. It is often best drunk when young and can be used to produce a rosé or sparkling wine. It has no relationship with the Rotburger variety bearing a nearly similar name which is also known as Zweigelt.

Grape (Vitis)
SpeciesVitis vinifera
Also calledGeisenheim 3-37, Redberger
Original pedigreeSchiava Grossa × Riesling
Notable regionsBaden, Württemberg, Ahr
BreederHeinrich Birk
Breeding instituteForschungsanstalt Geisenheim, Fachgebiet Rebenzüchtung und Rebenveredlung
Year of crossing1928
VIVC number10230

Production of rotberger is quite small and primarily limited to Austria, Canada, Germany, and Liechtenstein.


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