Roman Catholic Diocese of Tortosa

The Diocese of Tortosa is a Latin Rite Catholic diocese covering the south of Catalonia and the north of the Valencian Community. It is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Tarragona.[1][2][3]

Diocese of Tortosa

Dioecesis Dertosensis

Diócesis de Tortosa (es)
Diòcesi de Tortosa (ca)
Catedral de Tortosa 01.jpg
Ecclesiastical provinceTarragona
Area6,450 km2 (2,490 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2010)
260,449 (89%)
Sui iuris churchLatin Church
RiteRoman Rite
Established4th Century
CathedralCathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrow in Tortosa
Current leadership
Metropolitan ArchbishopJaume Pujol Balcells
Diócesis de Tortosa.svg
Website of the Diocese
Zones of the diocese.
Territorial municipal divisions of the diocese
Territorial Archpriest divisions of the diocese


The Diocese of Tortosa gives a certain foundation to an ancient historical region that, despite having no political representation, shares common historical, cultural and linguistic ties. This territory is known as Ilercavonia in academic and scientific circles.[4]

The territory of the historical Diocese of Tortosa was greatly reduced during General Franco's dictatorship, following the Concordat of 1953 between the Francoist regime and the Vatican. Under the pretext of adapting the dioceses to the civil provincial limits the Consistorial Congregation, bending to the wishes of the dictator,[5] broke up the traditional region of the Diocese of Tortosa:

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