Roman Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

The arhdiocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart (lat: arhdioecesis Rottenburgensis-Stutgardiensis) is a suffragan diocese of the Latin Rite, in the ecclesiastical province of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Freiburg of the Roman Catholic Church, in Baden-Württemberg Bundesland (federated state) in southwestern Germany. It covers the same territory of the former Kingdom of Wurttemberg.

Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Dioecesis Rottenburgensis-Stutgardiensis

Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Coat of arms of Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.png
Country Germany
Ecclesiastical provinceFreiburg
MetropolitanArchdiocese of Freiburg
Area19,514 km2 (7,534 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics (including non-members)
(as of 2010)
1,921,236 (37.9%)
Sui iuris churchLatin Church
RiteRoman Rite
Established16 August 1821
CathedralSt. Martin's Cathedral, Rottenburg
Co-cathedralSt. Eberhard Co-Cathedral, Stuttgart
Patron saintMartin of Tours
Secular priests902
Current leadership
BishopGebhard Fürst
Arhbishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Metropolitan ArchbishopArchbishop of Freiburg
Auxiliary BishopsThomas Maria Renz, Gerhard Schneider, Matthäus Karrer (Auxiliary Bishop-elect), Johannes Kreidler (Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus)[1]
Vicar GeneralClemens Stroppel
Bishops emeritusBernhard Rieger
Karte Bistum Rottenburg-Stuttgart.png


  • In 1803 a Vicar General for the "New" State of Wurttemberg was nominated by Prince Primate Karl Theodor von Dalberg as a auxiliary Bishop ( Franz Karl Joseph Furst von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfurst, that consacreted the current Co-Cathedral in Stuttgart, later Bishop of Augsburg )
  • The Diocese of Rottenburg was established on 16 August 1821 through the Papal Bull De salute animarum, on territory split off from the suppressed Diocese of Konstanz. With the enthronement of the first bishop, Johann Baptist von Keller, on May 20, 1828, the formation of the diocese was complete.
  • On 18 January 1978, the bishopric was renamed to the current title Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.[2]

Major churchesEdit

St. Eberhard's Co-Cathedral, Stuttgart

Episcopal ordinariesEdit

(all Roman Rite)[2]

Suffragan Bishops of RottenburgEdit

Suffragan Bishops of Rottenburg-StuttgartEdit

Statistics and extentEdit

The Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart is located in the Württemberg part of the German State of Baden-Württemberg. As per 2014, it pastorally served 1,872,849 Catholics (37.0% of 5,068,000 total) on 19,500 km² in 1,096 parishes and 40 missions with 1,016 priests (829 diocesan, 187 religious), 283 deacons, 3,368 lay religious (228 brothers, 3,140 sisters) and 26 seminarians.[2]


It comprises 45 deaneries :

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