Roman Catholic Diocese of Keta–Akatsi

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Keta–Akatsi (Latin: Ketaën(sis)–Akatsien(sis)) is a suffragan Latin diocese in the Ecclesiastical province of Accra in Ghana, yet still depends on the missionary Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Diocese of Keta–Akatsi

Country Ghana
Area7,470 km2 (2,880 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics (including non-members)
(as of 2004)
117,998 (15.7%)
RiteLatin Rite
Current leadership
BishopGabriel Edoe Kumordji, S.V.D
Bishops emeritusAnthony Kwami Adanuty

The bishops' seat is Christ the King Cathedral, in Akatsi. The diocese also contains a co-cathedral: St. Michael's Cathedral, in the city of Keta.


It was established on March 15, 1923 as Apostolic Vicariate of Lower Volta (Volta Inférieur/Inferiore), on territories split off from the Apostolic Vicariate of Gold Coast (Ghana) and Apostolic Vicariate of Togo (in Togo) . It was then promoted on April 18, 1950 as Diocese of Keta. It lost territory on 1956.04.23 to establish Diocese of Navrongo. On June 20, 1975 it was renamed as Diocese of Keta–Ho. It was again renamed on December 19, 1994 as Diocese of Keta–Akatsi, having lost territories to establish Diocese of Ho and Diocese of Jasikan.


As per 2014, it pastorally served 134,600 Catholics (15.4% of 875,000 total) on 7,470 km² in 12 parishes and 6 missions with 55 priests (49 diocesan, 6 religious), 27 lay religious (6 brothers, 21 sisters) and 34 seminarians.


Episcopal ordinariesEdit

(all Roman rite; until 1976, European missionary members of Latin congregations, when the then auxiliary bishop was appointed as ordinary)

Apostolic Vicars of Lower Volta
  • Augustin Hermann, Society of African Missions (S.M.A.) (born France) (1923.03.26 – death 1945.04.08), Titular Bishop of Bubastis (1923.03.26 – 1945.04.08)
  • Joseph Gerald Holland, S.M.A. (born England, UK)(1946.07.11 – 1950.04.18 see below), Titular Bishop of Ammædara (1946.07.11 – 1950.04.18)
Suffragan Bishops of Keta
  • Joseph Gerald Holland, S.M.A. (see above 1950.04.18 – retired 1953.05.07), emeritate as Titular Bishop of Cynopolis in Ægypto (1953.05.07 – resigned 1970.12.07), died 1972
  • Antoon Konings, S.M.A. (born Netherlands) (1954.02.21 – 1975.06.20 see below), previously Apostolic Administrator of daughter diocese Ho (Ghana) (1953 – 1954.02.21 see below)
Suffragan Bishops of Keta–Ho
  • Antoon Konings, S.M.A. (see above 1975.06.20 – retired 1976.04.10), died 1981
  • Francis Anani Kofi Lodonu (first native incumbent) (1976.04.10 – 1994.12.19), also President of Ghana Bishops’ Conference (1991 – 1997); next Bishop of Ho (Ghana) (1994.12.19 – retired 2015.07.14); previously Titular Bishop of Mascula (1973.05.17 – 1976.04.10) as Auxiliary Bishop of Keta–Ho (1973.05.17 – succession 1976.04.10)
Suffragan Bishops of Keta-Akatsi

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