Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Accra

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Accra covers the Greater Accra Region and parts of the Volta Region. There are 62 parishes and rectories. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Accra (Latin: Accraën(sis)) is the Metropolitan See for the ecclesiastical province of Accra in Ghana which includes the suffragan dioceses of Ho, Koforidua, Jasikan and Keta-Akatsi. The Latin title of the archdiocese is Archidioecesis Accraënsis, and the corporate title is Archdiocese of Accra. The cathedral parish for the archdiocese is the Holy Spirit Cathedral.

Archdiocese of Accra

Archidioecesis Accraënsis
Country Ghana
TerritoryGreater Accra Region and parts of Volta Region
Ecclesiastical provinceAccra
HeadquartersAccra, Ghana
- Total
- Catholics (including non-members)
(as of 2013)
151,728 (7%)
DenominationRoman Catholic[1]
RiteRoman Rite
Established1893 January 31; 128 years ago (31-01-1893)
CathedralHoly Spirit Cathedral
Patron saintImmaculate Heart of Mary, St. Peter Claver, St. Martin de Porres and the Martyrs of Uganda
Secular priests103
Current leadership
Metropolitan ArchbishopJohn Bonaventure Kwofie
Vicar GeneralRev. Father John Louis
Territory of the Archdiocese of Accra
Territory of the Archdiocese of Accra

Most Reverend Dominic Kodwo Andoh† was the first Ghanaian native to become Archbishop of Accra. Installed in October 1971, he became the 3rd Ordinary for Accra since its establishment as a diocese.

Special churchesEdit

The Holy Spirit CathedralEdit

Sacred Heart Catholic ChurchEdit

Sacred Heart Church which was started under a large empty cocoa shed at Derby Avenue in Accra, was the first church to be built. It was dedicated on February 11, 1925.


Prefect Apostolic of Accra (Roman rite)

  • Father Adolph Alexander Noser, S.V.D. † (1944 – 1947); see below

Vicar Apostolic of Accra (Roman rite)

  • Bishop Adolph Alexander Noser, S.V.D. † (1947 – 1950); see above & below

Bishops of Accra (Roman rite)

Metropolitan Archbishops of Accra (Roman rite)

Auxiliary BishopEdit

Other priests of this diocese who became bishopsEdit

Suffragan DiocesesEdit

The Metropolitan Archdiocese has four suffragans. In 1992, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Koforidua was carved out of Accra by John Paul II. Accra was elevated to a Metropolitan See and Bishop Andoh was made the Metropolitan Archbishop. While the Ho, Jasikan and Keta-Akatsi Dioceses cover the Volta Region of Ghana, Koforidua Diocese spans a vast area of the Eastern Region.



There are six deaneries in the Archdiocese of Accra. Originally termed as Vicariates or Districts in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, deaneries exist "to foster pastoral care through common action". Each Deanery is headed by a Dean whose duty of promotion and coordination chiefly pertains to his responsibility to oversee and assist in uniting the other presbyters or priests in his vicariate in a common pastoral activity. The six deaneries of Accra are:

  • Kaneshie Deanery
  • Mamprobi Deanery
  • Kpehe Deanery
  • Osu Deanery
  • Madina Deanery
  • Tema- Battor Deanery
The Deaneries of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Accra

Education in the Archdiocese of AccraEdit

In January 1931, the first school was opened on the Sacred Heart Church grounds. With an enrollment of fifteen boys and six girls the school opened and by August it was recognized by the Government Educational Director and placed on the Assisted List (which meant that Government would pay an agreed percentage of the teachers' salaries depending on the quality of the school as determined by the inspectors). Today, Accra Archdiocese has over seventy basic schools, several second cycle schools three seminaries and formation houses and a university.

Catholic Basic Schools in AccraEdit

Public Schools

  • Martrys of Uganda R/C Basic-Mamprobi
  • Immaculate Conception Basic-Akweteman
  • St. Peter’s R/C Basic-Osu
  • Derby Avenue R/C Basic-Derby Avenue
  • St. Joseph’s R/C Basic-Adabraka
  • St. Mary’s R/C Basic-Korle-Gonno
  • K. G. Boys R/C Basic-Korle Gonno
  • St. Francis Xavier R/C Basic-Kotobabi
  • St. Paul’s R/C Basic-Kpehe
  • St. Kizito R/C Primary-Nima
  • St. Kizito R/C ‘1 & 2 JHS-Nima
  • Abeka R/C Basic-Abeka
  • St. Stephen’s R/C Basic-Darkuman
  • Holy Family R/C Basic-Mataheko
  • Star of the Sea R/C Basic-Dansoman
  • Abossey Okai R/C Basic-Abossey Okai
  • Prince of Peace R/C Basic-Kwashieman
  • La Anteson R/C Primary-La
  • St. Maurice R/C JHS-La
  • Quaye Nungua R/C Basic-Nungua
  • Teshie R/C Basic-Teshie
  • St. Francis R/C Basic-Ashaley Botwe
  • Holy Rosary R/C Basic-Adentan
  • Queen of Peace R/C Primary A&B-Madina
  • Queen of Peace R/C JHS A&B-Madina
  • St. Peter Claver R/C KG-Madina
  • St. Dominic R/C Basic-Taifa
  • Immaculate Heart. R/C Basic-Christian Village
  • Holy Child R/C JHS-Santa Maria
  • St. Joseph the Worker R/C Basic-Weija
  • St. Peter’s R/C Basic-Torkuse
  • St. Jude R/C Basic-New-Weija
  • Fr. Henry R/C Basic-Obom
  • Papase R/C Basic-Papase
  • OLAS R/C JHS-New-Achimota
  • OLAS R/C KG & Primary-New-Achimota
  • St. Anthony R/C Basic- New Achimota-Fishpond
  • St. Slyvanus R/C Basic-Pokuase
  • St. Joseph’s R/C JHS-Amasaman
  • Afuaman R/C School Basic-Afuaman
  • Natriku R/C Primary-Natriku
  • Osuwem R/C Primary-Osuwem
  • St. Agnes R/C Primary-Dodowa
  • St. Agnes R/C J.H.S.-Dodowa
  • Asutsuare R/C Primary-Asutsuare
  • Asutsuare R/C JHS-Asutsuare
  • Kordiabe R/C Basic-Kordiabe
  • Tokpo R/C Basic-Tokpo
  • Djorkpo R/C Primary-Djorkpo
  • Kadjanya R/C Primary-Kadjanya
  • Lubuse R/C Primary-Lubuse
  • Ayikuma R/C JHS-Ayikuma
  • St. Dominic Savio R/C Basic-Afienya
  • Ada-Foah R/C Basic-Ada Foah
  • St. Peter Claver R/C KG-Ada Foah
  • Anyakpor R/C Primary-Anyakpor
  • Korluedor R/C Primary-Korluedor
  • St. Augustine’s R/C Basic-Ashaiman
  • Blessed. Clementina R/C Basic-Ashaiman
  • St. Peter’s R/C Basic-Tema New-Town
  • Archbishop Andoh R/C Basic-Comm. 11 Tema
  • Archbishop Andoh R/C KG-Comm. 8 Tema
  • St. John Bosco R/C Basic-Comm. 2. Tema
  • Holy Child R/C Basic-Sakumono

Catholic Private Basic Schools in Accra

  • St. Bernadette Soubirous School-Dansoman
  • Mary Mother of Good Counsel-Airport-West[2]
  • St. Theresa’s School-Kaneshie
  • Christ The King Int. School-Cantonments
  • Bishop Bowers School-Latebiokoshie
  • St. Peter Claver French School-Mataheko
  • Corpus Christi-Com. 18 Lashibi
  • St. Ignatius R/C School-Batsona
  • St. Mark R/C School-Ashongman
  • St. Ancilla Preparatory School-Haatso
  • St. John the Evangelist-Adenta

Catholic Second Cycle Schools in AccraEdit

Public Schools

  • St. Thomas Aquinas SHS-Cantonment, Accra
  • St. Mary’s SHS-Korle-Gonno, Accra
  • St. Margaret Mary Sec./Tech-Dansoman, Accra
  • Our Lady of Mercy SHS-Tema
  • St. Don Bosco Voc. Training Centre-Ashaiman, Tema
  • Sacred Heart Technical Inst.-James Town, Accra

Private Schools

  • Catholic Social Advance Inst.-Adabraka, Accra
  • St. Francis Xavier Sec./Voc.-Kotobabi, Accra
  • St. Peter Claver French School-Mataheko, Accra
  • Corpus Christi SHS-Lashibi-Comm 18, Tema
  • St. Kizito SHS-Battor

Catholic Seminaries and Formation HousesEdit

Catholic UniversityEdit

  • Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (University College)-Adabraka[3]

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