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The Rocca di Novara (also called “Rocca di Salvatesta” and “Cervino di Sicilia”) is a peak in the Peloritani mountains, situated in the northeastern part of Sicily, between the territories of Novara di Sicilia and Fondachelli-Fantina from where trails start to its top. It has an elevation of 1,340 meters above sea level. It resembles a Dolomites peak and because of this and the panoramic view from its summit it is a popular mountain with tourists. A summit cross with a figure of Jesus lies at its top. An annual pilgrimage to the summit is made by Christians on 18 August to celebrate a mass. Pits used by ancient people to collect snow for the summer remain on its slopes. The walls of the mountain resemble a human face from a particular point of view and the ancient legend of buried treasure on it, discoverable by those who pass a series of trials, gives it an air of mystery. The mountain has been granted Site of Community Importance status.[1]

Rocca di Novara
Rocca di Salvatesta
Cervino di Sicilia
Rocca di Novara, seen from Fondachelli-Fantina
Highest point
Elevation1,340 m (4,400 ft)
Coordinates37°59′42.8″N 15°08′46″E / 37.995222°N 15.14611°E / 37.995222; 15.14611Coordinates: 37°59′42.8″N 15°08′46″E / 37.995222°N 15.14611°E / 37.995222; 15.14611
Rocca di Novara is located in Sicily
Rocca di Novara
Rocca di Novara
Parent rangePeloritani


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