Robert Stuart Nathan

Robert Stuart Nathan (born August 13, 1948), usually credited as Robert Nathan, is an American novelist, journalist, screenwriter, director, and television producer.

Robert Nathan
Robert Stuart Nathan

(1948-08-13) August 13, 1948 (age 73)

Early lifeEdit

Nathan was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and was raised in Clayton, Missouri.[citation needed] His father was a toy wholesaler and his mother an accountant. He graduated from Amherst College. He began his career in politics and print journalism, then joined the reporting staff of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered,[1] first as New York Bureau Chief and subsequently as White House Correspondent and occasional weekend anchor. He has been a contributor to many magazines, including The New Republic,[2] Harper's,[3][4] Cosmopolitan, The New York Times Book Review,[5][6][7][8][9] The Nation,[10] and elsewhere.


Nathan is the author of four novels, including the political thriller The White Tiger, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year[11] and a Book of the Month Club selection published in seventeen languages. The New York Times called the book “exciting, rare, and authentic.”[12] As half of the thriller-writing team published under the pseudonym Nicholas Condé,[13] he is co-author of three novels, including The Religion, which was filmed as The Believers by John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy, Marathon Man), and In the Deep Woods, the basis for a television film starring Rosanna Arquette and Anthony Perkins in his last role.


Nathan began working in episodic television on the original staff of Law & Order'.[14] He was subsequently on the original staff of ER as Co-Executive Producer and for that show received the industry’s coveted George Foster Peabody Award. His television credits include Executive Producer and showrunner, Law & Order: Criminal Intent; Co-Executive Producer, Law & Order; Co-Executive Producer, Law & Order: SVU;[15] Co-Executive Producer, Dragnet; Executive Producer and showrunner, ABC’s Women's Murder Club; Consulting Producer, USA’s Fairly Legal; Consulting Producer, FX’s Dirt; Executive Producer, showrunner, and co-creator, NBC’s Prince Street; and Executive Producer and showrunner, CBS’s The Client. For episodes of Law & Order and its sequels he received an Edgar Award nomination from the Mystery Writers of America, four Emmy nominations and a Humanitas Award nomination as a producer, The Shine Award, The Silver Gavel Award, and the GLAAD Media Award. For Paramount Television he was Executive Producer of James Ellroy’s L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide. In the 23-year history of the Law & Order franchise, the 1993 episode “Manhood,” from Nathan's teleplay with a story co-written by Walon Green, holds the only Emmy nomination in the category Outstanding Writing for A Drama Series.[16]


In 2012 he directed the film Lucky Bastard, for which he co-wrote the script and for which he was also, with his writing partner Lukas Kendall, an Executive Producer. The film premiered In Europe in competition at the Monaco Film Festival in May, 2013, where it received The Special Jury Prize and Best Screenplay Award.[17]



Year Show Episode Notes
1990 Law and Order "The Reaper's Helper" Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 3
"Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die" Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 4
"Happily Ever After" Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 5
"Prisoner of Love" Story/Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 10
1991 "Life Choice" Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 12
"The Secret Sharers" Season 3, Episode 18
"The Serpent's Tooth" Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 19
"The Blue Wall" Story/Teleplay - Season 1, Episode 22
"The Wages of Love" Story - Season 2, Episode 2
"God Bless the Child" Season 2, Episode 5
"In Memory Of" Teleplay - Season 2, Episode 7
"Out of Control" Story - Season 2, Episode 8
"His Hour Upon the Stage" Teleplay-Season 1, Episode 11
1992 "Star Struck" Teleplay - Season 2, Episode 12
"Blood Is Thicker..." Story - Season 2, Episode 14
"Cradle to Grave" Season 2, Episode 18
"Intolerance" Story - Season 2, Episode 20
"Skin Deep" Season 3, Episode 1
"Forgiveness" Story - Season 3, Episode 3
"Wedded Bliss" Season 3, Episode 5
"Prince of Darkness" Season 3, Episode 8
1993 "Extended Family" Teleplay - Season 3, Episode 11
"Promises to Keep" Teleplay - Season 3, Episode 14
"Mother Love" Story/Teleplay - Season 3, Episode 15
"Manhood" Story/Teleplay - Season 3, Episode 21
"Sweeps" Season 4, Episode 1
"Pride and Joy" Season 4, Episode 6
"The Pursuit of Happiness" Season 4, Episode 10
1994 "Kids" Season 4, Episode 15
"Old Friends" Story - Season 4, Episode 22
ER "Into That Good Night" Season 1, Episode 5
"9 1/2 Hours" Season 1, Episode 8
1995 "Long Day's Journey" Season 1, Episode 14
"Men Plan, God Laughs" Season 1, Episode 22
The Client "Them That Has..." Season 1, Episode 2
1997 Prince Street "Pilot" Season 1, Episode 1
"God Bless America" Season 1, Episode 2
2003 L.A. Dragnet "The Brass Ring" Season 1, Episode 6
"The Little Guy" Season 1, Episode 12
2004 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Hate" Season 5, Episode 13
"Lowdown" Season 5, Episode 20
"Conscience" Season 6, Episode 6
2005 "Strain" Season 7, Episode 5
2006 Conviction "Deliverance" Season 1, Episode 10
Law and Order "Fear America" Season 17, Episode 4
2008 Dirt "Ties That (Don't) Bind" Season 2, Episode 4
Women's Murder Club "Father's Day" Story - Season 1, Episode 11
"And the Truth Will (Sometimes) Set You Free " Story - Season 1, Episode 12
"Never Tell" Story - Season 1, Episode 13
2009 Law & Order: Criminal Intent "The Glory That Was..." Season 8, Episode 8
2012 Fairly Legal "Ripple of Hope" Season 2, Episode 8
2014 Taxi Brooklyn "Double Identity" Season 1, Episode 9

Selected bibliographyEdit

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