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Rob Williams is a Welsh comics writer, working mainly for 2000 AD. He is currently writing books for DC Comics and its Vertigo imprint.

Rob Williams
Notable works
Low Life


Williams started out as a freelance journalist and creator of corporate videos.[1] He decided to try comics writing resulting in Cla$$war, published by Com.x and illustrated by several artists, including Trevor Hairsine and Travel Foreman. Publishing began in 2002 and, after a three-year hiatus from the publisher a complete collection was released in 2009.[2]

The comic series was read by Andy Diggle, who was the editor of 2000 AD at the time and contacted Williams,[1] resulting in a number of series, first the two-part Asylum, with Boo Cook and then ongoing Low Life,[3] initially with Henry Flint.[4] and he would also produce one-offs there like Breathing Space with Laurence Campbell.[5]

He would again team up with Campbell for the 2006 Wolverine Christmas Special[6] and later a PunisherMAX one-shot.[7] Williams would then go on to get other work for Marvel Comics, including a story in the Dark X-Men: The Beginning anthology, a Captain Britain story in Deadpool Team Up and a Ghost Rider one-shot that ties into the Daredevil storyline Shadowland.[8][9] He returned to Ghost Rider with a new eponymous ongoing series, launched as part of the "Fear Itself" storyline,[10] for which he also wrote the Uncanny X-Force mini-series.[11][12] Other Marvel comics announced around the same time include The Iron Age metaseries,[13][14][15] Skaar: King of the Savage Land limited series,[16] and takes over the writing of the Daken: Dark Wolverine ongoing series.[17][18] Following that slew of announcements, on 22 April 2011 he announced that he had signed an exclusive contract with Marvel.[15]

Williams has also written comics based on a number of intellectual properties, including stories for Star Wars Tales and Star Wars: Rebellion[19] comics from Dark Horse, and, with the same publisher, writing Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods.[20][21] For Dynamite Entertainment he is writing RoboCop,[22][23] with artist Fabiano Neves.[24]



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