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D'Israeli (cartoonist)

Matt Brooker, whose work most often appears under the pseudonym D'Israeli (sometimes "D'Israeli D'Emon D'Raughtsman"), is a British comic artist, colorist, writer and letterer. Other pseudonyms he uses include "Molly Eyre" (a pun on Molière) for his writing, and "Harry V. Derci"/"Digital Derci" for his lettering work.

Matt Brooker
D'Israeli at Caption 2008
Area(s)Cartoonist, Writer, Artist, Letterer
Notable works
H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds


In 1988 he worked as the penciller on issues 7 to 12 of Mister X (volume two). His early work also includes the surreal Timulo, which appeared in Deadline magazine in 1989. Also in Deadline, he co-created Fatal Charm with Shane Oakley. In 1991 he co-created the cyberpunk series Lazarus Churchyard with Warren Ellis.

Kingdom of the Wicked, a graphic novel about a children's book writer who returns as an adult to the world he imagined as a child, only to find it at war, began a regular partnership with writer Ian Edginton. The pair have also created Scarlet Traces, a sequel to H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds in graphic novel form, and Leviathan, a Victorian horror series which appeared in 2000 AD,[1] and contributed a two-part storyline to the Batman event No Man's Land. With Paul Cornell, he created XTNCT, a satirical series involving genetically modified dinosaurs, for the Judge Dredd Megazine.

As a writer-artist, he has created Future Shocks for 2000 AD, and Consequences, a one-off sequel to Timulo. He has drawn Judge Dredd, worked as a colourist on Miracleman and 2000 AD, and as an inker on Neil Gaiman's Sandman[2] and Grant Morrison's Kill Your Boyfriend. Most of his recent work is created directly on computer using Adobe Illustrator, with 3D modelling software used for some complex designs.


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