Return of Judge Bao is a 2000 television series produced by Hong Kong's Asia Television starring Jin Chao-chun as the titular Song dynasty official Bao Zheng. Although a Hong Kong production, it was completely filmed in Qingdao, China and featured mostly actors from Taiwan and mainland China. The series was first shown on Taiwan Television in Taiwan in March 2000, and was not broadcast in Hong Kong until May 2000 when the Cantonese-dubbing was complete.

Return of Judge Bao
StarringJin Chao-chun
Vincent Chiao
Fan Hung-hsuan
Zhang Tielin

The English title makes references to the 1993 mega-hit Taiwanese TV series Justice Pao, also known as Judge Bao. Four actors, namely Jin, Fan Hung-hsuan, Liu Yueh-ti, and Tu Man-sheng reprised their roles from the classic.

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