Sun Xing

Sun Xing (born October 16, 1963) is a Hong Kong actor and Mandopop singer born in Guangzhou, China. He shot to fame in the 1990s by portraying heroes in a number of Taiwanese wuxia TV dramas. Later he mostly appeared in comedies.

Sun Xing
Born (1963-10-16) October 16, 1963 (age 57)
Occupationactor, singer
Years active1987–present
Poon Yeung
(m. 1985; div. 1996)

Stephenie Lim
(m. 2001)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Musical career
Also known asSuen Hing, Sun Hsing, Coco Sun
OriginHong Kong


Sun Xing was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to a Malaysian Chinese father and a Chinese mother. He grew up in Beijing and immigrated to Hong Kong with his parents as a teenager. He started his acting career in Hong Kong, and moved to Taiwan in the 1990s where he shot to fame through a number of popular TV series.

Selected filmographyEdit


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1988 Devil's Curse 猛鬼咒
1990 Chicken à la Queen 快樂的小雞
The Dragon from Russia 紅場飛龍
1991 Lover at Large 難得有情郎
1992 Laser Drama: Action in Space 航天行動
1993 Her Judgement Day 剃刀情人
1994 Urban Cop 特警神龍
The Lovers 梁祝 Ruoxu
1996 Hong Kong Show Girl 癲馬女郎之一夜情
1998 My Wife, My Boss 给太太打工 Su Yang
2003 Double Dating 非常浪漫 Jiahui
2009 The Founding of a Republic 建國大業 Du Yuming
2010 The Swordsman Dream 嘻遊記
Don Quixote 唐吉可德
Love Tactics 爱情36计
Super Player 大玩家
The Kidnap 绑架冰激凌
2012 Truth or Dare 真心话大冒险 Mr. Wang
Dark Wedding 诡婚
The Death of the Jade 聚客镇 Master Wen
Three Miracle Heroes: Miracles of Cards 奇迹三雄之扑克牌游戏 Luo Qi
Chrysanthemum to the Beast 给野兽献花
Save the 365th Day 拯救第365天 voice acting
2013 The King of Comedy 喜剧王
  • Lin Zhuosheng
  • Shi Dawei
Lover Run 粉红女郎之爱人快跑
The Twins' Code 孪生密码
Love You for Loving Me 我爱的是你爱我 An Dong
2018 Three Lives Three Worlds
2019 Medicine God


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1987 Genghis Khan 成吉思汗 Jamukha
Hong Kong Love 香港情
Gambler 賭徒
1988 Those Famous Women in Chinese History 歷代奇女子
1989 Temptresses of a Thousand Faces 千面俏嬌娃
Delightful Meals 安樂茶飯
Police Archives 皇家檔案
Storm in Shanghai 上海風雲
Hey, Big Brother 司機大佬 Fung Tai-loi
1991 The Fiery Daddy and His Three Sweeties 乖女也瘋狂
The Good Fella from Temple Street 廟街豪情 Kwan Chi-yung
The Burning Rain 暴雨燃燒
1992 Casanova in China 伯虎為卿狂 Tang Yin
1994 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龍記 Yang Xiao
The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants 七俠五義 Bai Yutang
1996 Taiwan Paranormal Events 台灣靈異事件
1997 Love Is Payable 儂本多情 Ma Xianliang
1998 The Return of the Condor Heroes 神鵰俠侶 Guo Jing
2000 State of Divinity 笑傲江湖 Tian Boguang
Sunny Piggy 春光燦爛豬八戒 Taibai Jinxing
2002 Wind and Cloud 風雲 Nameless
2003 Flying Daggers 飛刀又見飛刀 Xue Qingbi
2004 Hi! Honey 嗨!親爱的 Xu Shu De
Amor de Tarapaca 紫藤戀 Zhao Erxiang
Wind and Cloud 2 風雲2 Xiongba
Lady Wu: The First Empress 至尊紅顏 Zhangsun Wuji
2005 The Prince Who Turns into a Frog 王子變青蛙
2006 Sound of Colors 地下鐵 Cheng Gao
Iron General Agui 鐵將軍阿貴 Agui
2007 The Fairies of Liaozhai 聊齋奇女子 Prefect Lin
2008 The Last Princess 最後的格格 Shen Shihao
2009 Happiness 3+2 幸福3+2 Yao Mingyuan
Weaving Fairy and Cowherd 牛郎織女 Kitchen God
The Diamond Family 鉆石豪門 Yu Botao
Aliens at Home 家有外星人 Tang Chao sitcom
2010 Entangling Love in Shanghai 儂本多情 Qiao Xiannong remake of Love Is Payable
Fashion Kingdom 时尚王国 Wang Yang
2011 Dark War in the Dawn 黎明前的暗戰 Chen Mingren
The Holy Pearl 女媧傳說之靈珠 Shi Youming
2013 Forward Contracts 远期的合约 Fan Yong
2015 Master of Destiny 縱橫天地 Yiu Dai-ming




Ke Da Xin Li Mian (可達心裡面)
Studio album
ReleasedAugust 1991
LabelDianjiang (點將)
ProducerJoe Butler
1."Ke Da Xin Li Mian" (可達心裡面; "Able to Reach My Heart")Yao ChienSun Chung-wei, Huang Chuo-ying3:11
2."Wo de Xin Ru Jia Bao Huan" (我的心如假包換; "Replacement Guaranteed if My Heart Is Fake")Yao ChienSun Chung-wei4:10
3."Rang Wo Likai" (讓我離開; "Let Me Leave")Li YaoChang Han-chun5:03
4."When a Man Meet a Woman"Yen ShuHuang Chuo-ying3:24
5."Bie Shuo Hai Zao Hai Zao" (別說還早還早; "Don't Say 'Still Early, Still Early'")Wakin ChauWakin Chau4:03
6."Fei Ba! BABY" (飛吧!BABY; "Fly! Baby")Yao ChienHuang Chuo-ying4:12
7."Shuo Fu Xinqing" (說服心情; "Persuade Mood")Li YaoHuang Chuo-ying4:19
8."Sha Wenti" (傻問題; "Stupid Question")Yen ShuSun Chung-wei3:23
9."Daodi Wo Zai Deng Shui" (到底我在等誰; "Who Am I Waiting For After All")Kevin TsaiHuang Chuo-ying4:26
10."Aiqing Woniu" (愛情蝸牛; "Love Snail")Li YaoHuang Chuo-ying3:48

Other songsEdit

Year Song Lyrics Music Notes
1987 "Si Haau Zan Tin" (獅吼震天; "The Heaven-Shaking Lion Roar") Chung Kai Cheong Kwan Sheng-yau opening theme for King of the Lion Dance
2000 "Yuwang" (欲望; "Desire") Qian Qian San Bao opening theme for Desire
2004 "Xiao Ao Feng Yun" (笑傲風雲; "Proudly Smiling in Wind and Cloud") Ardor Huang Chou Chih-hua opening theme for Wind and Cloud 2
"Fengliu Rensheng" (風流人生; "Playboy Life"), ft. Zhu Jialiang Chen Xuanping Zhou Jinjin opening theme for The Playboy Drama King (風流戲王)
2009 "Qimiao Zhi Jia" (奇妙之家; "Fantastic Home") Wang Juan Yang Fan ending theme for Aliens at Home


Sun was arrested by the police in Beijing on April 22, 2011 for taking illegal drugs. He served 19 days in detention.[3]


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