Relative Values (film)

Relative Values is a 2000 British comedy film adaptation of the 1950s play of the same name by Noël Coward. It stars Julie Andrews, Colin Firth, William Baldwin, Edward Atterton, Stephen Fry and Jeanne Tripplehorn, and was directed by Eric Styles. It was filmed on location in the Isle of Man, mainly at The Nunnery, with scenes at Kirk Braddan.

Relative Values
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Directed byEric Styles
Produced byChristopher Milburn
Music byJohn Debney
CinematographyJimmy Dibling
Edited byCaroline Limmer
Distributed byAlliance Atlantis Communications
Release date
  • 23 June 2000 (2000-06-23)[1]
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


There is unrest in the upper class Marshwood house as Nigel (Edward Atterton), the Earl of Marshwood, is engaged to a film actress, Miranda Frayle. However, many disapprove because this would mean Nigel would be marrying below his class.

When Nigel brings Miranda home to the Marshwood estate to meet his family, Lady Marshwood's (Julie Andrews) maid Moxie (Sophie Thompson) reveals that Miranda is her sister; they devise a charade so that Moxie may meet her sister as an equal. However, when Miranda lies about her past (stating she's a cockney and that Moxie was a drunk and is now dead), Moxie finds it harder and harder to hide her identity. Meanwhile, Miranda's ex-boyfriend and fellow film star Don Lucas (William Baldwin) arrives, wanting Miranda back.



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