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Raymond Duncan Gastil (December 19, 1931 – December 14, 2010[1]) was an American social scientist, best known for evaluating political freedom in the Freedom in the World reports published by Freedom House".[2]



Gastil received his BA (social relations, 1953), MA (Middle Eastern Studies, 1956) and PhD (Social Science, 1959) from Harvard University.[3] He was a Fulbright Scholar in Pakistan (1953-4),[4] and taught anthropology and social science at the University of Oregon.[5] He spent seven years as a researcher at the Hudson Institute, analysing national security and other policy issues,[5] and contributed to the Institute's 1968 book, Can We Win in Vietnam?.[4] In the early 1970s he worked at the Battelle Memorial Institute.[6][7] From 1977 to 1988 he was Director of Freedom House's annual survey.[5][8]


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