Rattazzi I Cabinet

The Rattazzi I Cabinet held office from 3 March 1862 until 8 December 1862, a total of 280 days, or 9 months and 5 days.[1]

Rattazzi I Cabinet
Flag of Italy (1861–1946).svg
3rd Cabinet of Italy
Urbano Rattazzi-lookingleft.jpg
Date formed3 March 1862
Date dissolved8 December 1862
People and organisations
Head of stateVictor Emmanuel II
Head of governmentUrbano Rattazzi
Total no. of members9
Member partyHistorical Left
Historical Right
PredecessorRicasoli I Cabinet
SuccessorFarini Cabinet


In consequence of the negotiations for the cession of Nice and Savoy to France, which cession Urbano Rattazzi opposed, he again retired in January 1860. On changing his views on this policy, he became president of the lower chamber in the first Italian Parliament, and in March 1862 succeeded Ricasoli in the government, retaining for himself the portfolios of Foreign Affairs and of the Interior. However, in consequence of his policy of repression towards Garibaldi at Aspromonte, he was driven from office in the following December.[2][3]

Government partiesEdit

The government was composed by the following parties:

Party Ideology Leader
Historical Left Liberalism Urbano Rattazzi
Historical Right Conservatism Bettino Ricasoli


Office Name Party Term
Prime Minister Urbano Rattazzi Historical Left (1862–1862)
Minister of the Interior Urbano Rattazzi Historical Left (1862–1862)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Urbano Rattazzi Historical Left (1862–1862)
Giacomo Durando Historical Right (1862–1862)
Minister of Grace and Justice Filippo Cordova Historical Right (1861–1862)
Raffaele Conforti Historical Left (1862–1862)
Minister of Finance Quintino Sella Historical Right (1862–1862)
Minister of War Agostino Petitti Bagliani di Roreto Military (1862–1862)
Minister of the Navy Carlo Pellion di Persano Military (1862–1862)
Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Gioacchino Napoleone Pepoli Historical Right (1862–1862)
Minister of Public Works Agostino Depretis Historical Left (1862–1862)
Minister of Public Education Pasquale Stanislao Mancini Historical Left (1862–1862)
Carlo Matteucci Historical Left (1862–1862)


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