Farini Cabinet

The Farini Cabinet held office from 8 December 1862 until 24 March 1863, a total of 106 days, or 3 months and 16 days.[1]

Farini Cabinet
Flag of Italy (1861–1946).svg
4th Cabinet of Italy
Luigi Carlo Farini cropped.jpg
Date formed8 December 1862
Date dissolved24 March 1863
People and organisations
Head of stateVictor Emmanuel II
Head of governmentLuigi Carlo Farini
Total no. of members9
Member partyHistorical Right
PredecessorRattazzi I Cabinet
SuccessorMinghetti I Cabinet

Government partiesEdit

The government was composed by the following parties:

Party Ideology Leader
Historical Right Conservatism Bettino Ricasoli


Office Name Party Term
Prime Minister Luigi Carlo Farini Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of the Interior Ubaldino Peruzzi Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Giuseppe Pasolini Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of Grace and Justice Giuseppe Pisanelli Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of Finance Marco Minghetti Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of War Alessandro Della Rovere Military (1862–1863)
Minister of the Navy Giovanni Ricci Military (1862–1863)
Orazio di Negro Military (1863–1863)
Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Giovanni Manna Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of Public Works Luigi Federico Menabrea Historical Right (1862–1863)
Minister of Public Education Michele Amari Historical Right (1862–1863)