Ras Ghareb

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Ra's Ghareb (Arabic: راس غارب Rās Ġāreb  pronounced [ɾɑːs ˈɣæːɾeb]) is the northernmost of the markazes (municipalities) in the Red Sea Governorate, Egypt, situated on the African side of the Gulf of Suez. It has an area of 10,464.46 km². At the 2006 Egyptian national census, the population numbered 32,369.[2] It is one of the leading centers of petroleum production in Egypt, having housed the main operations for first the Anglo-Egyptian Oil Company (a branch of Royal Dutch Shell) and then the Egyptian national petroleum company. For a time it was the capital of the Red Sea Governorate.

Ra's Ghareb
راس غارب
Ra's Ghareb is located in Egypt
Ra's Ghareb
Ra's Ghareb
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 28°21′35″N 33°04′39″E / 28.35972°N 33.07750°E / 28.35972; 33.07750
Country Egypt
GovernorateRed Sea
 • Total13,847 km2 (5,346 sq mi)
Elevation16 m (52 ft)
 • Total45,108
 • Density3.3/km2 (8.4/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EET)

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28°21′35″N 33°04′39″E / 28.35972°N 33.07750°E / 28.35972; 33.07750