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Raney Shockne

Raney Shockne is an American music composer and producer based in Los Angeles. He has written and produced songs for Giorgio Moroder, Britney Spears, Foxes, Matthew Koma, Leona Lewis and others. His score and songwriting collaborations have appeared in over 30 films and 100 televisions shows to date.[1] Shockne is perhaps best known as the composer of FX hit series Anger Management,[2] starring Charlie Sheen, the film The To Do List (Aubrey Plaza),[3] and Fame, where his remake of the title song reached the American Billboard Hot 100.[4] Additionally, Shockne's current video game credits include Dragon Age: Inquisition[5] and The Sims 4.[6]

Raney Shockne
Occupation(s) Composer, record producer, songwriter
Instruments Piano, bass, percussion, vocals
Labels RCA Records
Associated acts Giorgio Moroder, Britney Spears, Matthew Koma, Leona Lewis, Foxes


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