Rama II Cabinet

The second Cabinet of Prime Minister Edi Rama is the 74th Government of the Republic of Albania which was officially mandated by the President on 13 September 2017. Following the 2017 election, the Socialist Party won a majority of seats to Parliament and had the right to form the government without the need of a coalition.

Rama II Cabinet
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74th cabinet of Albania
Kabineti i Kryeministrit.svg
Official seal
Date formed13 September 2017
People and organisations
Head of stateIlir Meta
Head of governmentEdi Rama
Deputy head of governmentSenida Mesi 11 September 2017- 17 January 2019
Erion Braçe
Member partySocialist Party
Status in legislatureMajority
Opposition partyDemocratic Party of Albania
Opposition leaderLulzim Basha
Budget(s)436.000.000.000 Lek
PredecessorRama I Cabinet

Changes from Previous CabinetEdit

The previous cabinet was reduced in size and now it consists of 11 ministries and 2 Ministers without portfolio. Half of the cabinet consists of female ministers.[1] This was a reduction from a previous cabinet with 16 ministries and 3 ministers without portfolio.[2]

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs absorbed the Ministry of European Integration and the Ministry of Infrastructure absorbed the Ministry of Energy.[2] The Ministry of Finance and Economy took on some of the responsibilities from the dissolved Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Enterprise.[3] Other responsibilities were taken on by the Ministry of Environment, which was renamed. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth was dissolved and its roles divided between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Sport.[2]

Two "Ministers of State" were created for Diaspora and for Entrepreneurs.[2]

Cabinet reshuffleEdit

On December 28 2018, PM Edi Rama reshuffled his cabinet with half of his ministers out, in response to the protests that have exposed the scale of popular discontent with his rule. Most Ministers were replaced by the vice ministers.

The cabinet reshuffle consisted of the Vice Prime Minister office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry for Entrepreneurs.[4]


Office Incumbent Term began
Prime Minister
Edi Rama
15 September 2013
Deputy Prime Minister
Erion Braçe 17 January 2019
Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs
Edi Rama
21 January 2019
Minister of Defense
Olta Xhaçka
11 September 2017
Minister of Internal Affairs
Sander Lleshi 6 November 2018
Minister of Finance and Economy
Anila Denaj 17 January 2019
Minister of Infrastructure and Energy
Belinda Balluku 17 January 2019
Minister of Education, Sports and Youth
Besa Shahini 17 January 2019
Minister of Justice
Etilda Gjonaj
13 September 2017
Minister of Culture
Elva Margariti 17 January 2019
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Blendi Çuçi 17 January 2019
Minister of Health and Social Care

Ogerta Manastirliu
13 September 2017
Minister of Tourism and Environment

Blendi Klosi
13 September 2017
Minister of State for Diaspora
Pandeli Majko
11 September 2017
Minister of State for Entrepreneurs
Esuard Shalsi 17 January 2019
Minister of State for Relations with Parliament
Elisa Spiropali 17 January 2019

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