Raline Shah

Raline Rahmat Shah (born March 4, 1985) is an Indonesian actress. Starting her career in entertainment, she is best known as one of the contestants of Puteri Indonesia 2008.[1] She became well known in Malaysia for her appearance in the 2018 Malaysian action film Polis Evo 2 (known as Police Evo in Indonesia).[2][3][4][5]

Raline Shah
Raline Rahmat Shah

(1985-03-04) March 4, 1985 (age 35)
  • Political Science
  • New Media and Communication
Alma materNational University of Singapore
Years active2008–present

Early lifeEdit

Raline was born on March 4, 1985 in Jakarta to her parents, Roseline Rahmat and Rahmat Shah. Her mother is a Singaporean with Malay ancestry, while her father was a mixed Chinese and Malay heritage, hailed from Malaysia.[6] She has two younger brothers, Rollin and Rollan. She is known to be very close to her immediate family and often regards her “Nenek” or grandmother as the love her life.

Her father Dr. H. Rahmat Shah is known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, senator and big. Born and raised in North Sumatra he is a public figure known to many for his social contributions in North Sumatra and Indonesia. He is particularly active in conservation, wildlife protection and PMI (Red Cross Indonesia) and is the head for North Sumatra since 2011. He served as a Senator in Indonesia's MPR ( Majelis Permusyarakatan Rakyat from 1999-2004. His last post in politics was as the DPD (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah) or parliament representative from his province, North Sumatra from 2009-2014. He is also known as the Honorary Consul General of Turkey for Sumatra since 1996 till present.

Rahmat Shah started from humble beginnings and has a biography which he launched on his 50th birthday entitled “Perjuangan, pengabdian, pemikiran” which translates to “ struggles, dedications and thoughts”.

He owns a private Zoological Garden (Taman Hewan Pematang Siantar) in North Sumatra open for public and heads the national zoo association in Indonesia. Known as an International hunter, he owns a Museum of wildlife called “ The Rahmat International Museum and Gallery “ in Medan also open for the public.

Her mother Roseline is a home maker and a philanthropist running YPAC Medan ( Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat) a school for mentally and physically disabled children since 2001.

Raline spent her high schooling days in Medan[7] and later attended the National University of Singapore where she studied political science, and receive B.A in Political Science and New Media & Communication (Honour).[8]


Raline began her career as one of the contestants of Puteri Indonesia 2008 where she represented North Sumatra and chosen in Top 5.[9] Her acting career began when she starred in the film 5 cm (2012) with Herjunot Ali, where she played Riani. Raline starred along with Laudya Chintya Bella and Fedi Nuril in Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan (2015),[10] which enable her to won Best Supprting Female Role at the 2015 Bandung Film Festival and receive nomination at the 2015 Indonesian Film Festival, as well as nomination for the Best Supporting Female Role at the 2016 Indonesia Box Office Movie Awards.

She also contribute a soundtrack for the film, entitled "Kekasih di Surga".[11] In July 2017, she released a new song, "Jadi Milikku" a collaboration with Marcell.[12][13] In 2018, she appears as a main cast with Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak in the Malaysian action film, Polis Evo 2. Released on November 22, 2018 in Malaysia, and on April 18, 2019 in Indonesia, the film became commercial success and receive mixed reviews. She played her role as Rian, an Indonesian Police officer.[14]

Raline is widely known for her versatility as an artist and public figure. Her unique pan-asian features and fluency in both English and Bahasa have enabled her to take on such diverse acting roles as a Turkish immigrant, a Caucasian-Chinese, as well as characters closer to her traditional Indonesian roots. Outside of film, she has also performed in theatre, notably with a lead role in the folklore musical Timun Mas: The Musical. This epic drama was directed by Rama Soeprapto, a leading Indonesian stage director who worked under American experimental theatre director Robert Wilson.

Additionally, Raline is recognized as a top model & fashion icon in Indonesia, having worked extensively as a commercial and runway model since 2008 both within Indonesia and internationally. She represented Indonesia in New York in 2012 and 2013 during the United Nation F4D program, promoting tenun (Indonesian traditional woven fabrics) and also being one of the global brand ambassadors personally chosen by Diane von Furstenberg. She has been the face of Pantene for P&G in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia since 2012-present and is the brand ambassador for Pantene, Wardah Cosmetics, Mandiri Bank, Hemaviton-C and OPPO for 2018.

Personal life and Other venturesEdit

Apart from her artistic ventures Raline's first job was working for the family business. Raline is known to love volunteer work following the footsteps of her mother and initiates many collaborations with various charities in Indonesia and Internationally (UNHCR, WWF). In 2017 she started  her own charity “Rumah Harapan Indonesia” with her two founding partners Valencia Mieke Randa and Vivy Tolgay. Rumah Harapan is a transit home for children under the age of 17 with serious non-communicable diseases, such as leukemia, cancer, tumors, physical abnormalities and bone disorders. Its aim is to provide a comfortable accommodation and support system for children from the rural areas who travel for treatment to the main cities in Indonesia. There are 6 “house of hopes” so far in Indonesia.

In business she is known to work for her family business. On August 8, 2017, Raline was appointed as the independent director of Indonesia AirAsia, an Indonesian subsidiary of the Malaysian low-cost airline company, AirAsia.[15][16][17] . Her latest entrepreneurial venture is a coffee shop named Kisaku coffee in Jakarta that was launched earlier this year.

Raline has been very private when it comes to her personal relationships. There is many speculations on who she has dated and is in a relationship at the moment. Last year she admitted to being in a relationship with an entrepreneur that she does not wish to reveal.

Raline Shah is known for her love of nature and hiking since her first movie (5cm) that features her hiking up Mount Semeru, the biggest volcano and one of the most challenging climbs in Indonesia. She is an avid traveller and believes in “ a world without strangers”.


Year Title Role Notes
2012 5 cm Riani
2013 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa Fatma
2014 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa Part 2 Fatma
Supernova Rana
2015 Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan Meirose
2016 Terpana Adaline
2017 Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2 Meirose
2018 Polis Evo 2 Rian
2019 Orang Kaya Baru Tika


Year Title Notes
"Kekasih di Surga"
OST Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan
"Jadi Milikku"
Duet with Marcell
"Ready For Love"
Duet with Vidi Aldiano

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Result
2014 Festival Film Bandung 2014 Pemeran Pembantu Wanita Terpuji Nominated
2015 Festival Film Bandung 2015 Pemeran Pembantu Wanita Terpuji Won
Festival Film Indonesia 2015 Piala Citra untuk Pemeran Pendukung Wanita Terbaik Nominated
2016 Indonesia Box Office Movie Awards 2016 Pemeran Pendukung Wanita Terbaik Nominated
2018 Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2018 Pemeran Pendukung Wanita Terbaik
Ensemble Talent Terbaik (with Fedi Nuril, Laudya Cynthia Bella, and Reza Rahadian) Nominated


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