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The Rahman Baba High School (Pashto: د رحمان بابا عالي ليسه) is located in west Kabul, Afghanistan. It was established by the help of Pakistan and is one of the best schools in Kabul Province. It is specially dedicated to the students of rural areas and follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan in Pashto language.

Rahman Baba High School
د رحمان بابا عالي ليسه
Afghans standing in front of Rahman Baba High School in Kabul.jpg

Coordinates34°30′39″N 69°7′20″E / 34.51083°N 69.12222°E / 34.51083; 69.12222Coordinates: 34°30′39″N 69°7′20″E / 34.51083°N 69.12222°E / 34.51083; 69.12222

The school has a special English learning program where over 700 students from primarily Pashtun areas are developing English skills through the program conducted by the Rauf Learning Center.

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