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The Radivoj Korać Cup (Serbian: Куп Радивоја Кораћа, Kup Radivoja Koraća) is the men's national basketball cup of Serbia. It is run by the Basketball Federation of Serbia and is named after a Serbian basketball legend and FIBA Hall of Fame member Radivoj Korać.

Radivoj Korać Cup
Куп Радивоја Кораћа
Kup Radivoja Koraća
Radivoj Korać Cup.png
No. of teams8
Country Serbia and Montenegro
ContinentEuropean Union FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent
(7th title)
Most titlesPartizan (7 titles)
TV partner(s)Arena Sport
Current sports event 2018–19



The Cup in 2003 got its name by proposal of Hemofarm, due the abolition of the eponymous European competition and the change of name of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. After the separation of Serbia and Montenegro,at 2006 Korac Cup has become the name of the Serbian National Cup. According to the agreement from 2011 between KSS and FIBA, KSS supported to give the original replica of the trophy to the winner of the European Cup Serbia. So this cup "Žućkova levica" awarded to the winner of the Cup in 2013.

Title holdersEdit

The finalsEdit

Season Champions Score Runners-up Venue Location Winning Coach
  Serbia and Montenegro
2002–03 FMP Železnik 88–67 Hemofarm Čair Sports Center Niš   Vlade Đurović
2003–04 Crvena zvezda 91–89 (OT) Reflex SPC Vojvodina Novi Sad   Zmago Sagadin
2004–05 Reflex 88–84 Partizan Pivara MB Millennium Centar Vršac   Boško Đokić
2005–06 Crvena zvezda 80–65 Hemofarm Pionir Hall Belgrade   Dragan Šakota
2006–07 FMP Železnik 73–61 Partizan Hala Jezero Kragujevac   Vlada Vukoičić
2007–08 Partizan Igokea 73–64 Hemofarm Čair Sports Center Niš   Duško Vujošević
2008–09 Partizan Igokea 80–65 Crvena zvezda Čair Sports Center Niš   Duško Vujošević (2)
2009–10 Partizan 72–62 FMP Železnik Čair Sports Center Niš   Duško Vujošević (3)
2010–11 Partizan 77–73 FMP Železnik Železnik Hall Belgrade   Vlada Jovanović
2011–12 Partizan mt:s 64–51 Crvena zvezda Čair Sports Center Niš   Vlada Jovanović (2)
2012–13 Crvena zvezda 78–69 Partizan mt:s Hala Jezero Kragujevac   Vlada Vukoičić (2)
2013–14 Crvena zvezda Telekom 81–80 Mega Vizura Pionir Hall Belgrade   Dejan Radonjić
2014–15 Crvena zvezda Telekom 80–74 Mega Leks Čair Sports Center Niš   Dejan Radonjić (2)
2015–16 Mega Leks 85–80 Partizan NIS Čair Sports Center Niš   Dejan Milojević
2016–17 Crvena zvezda mts 74–64 Partizan NIS Čair Sports Center Niš   Dejan Radonjić (3)
2017–18 Partizan NIS 81–75 Crvena zvezda mts Čair Sports Center Niš   Nenad Čanak
2018–19 Partizan NIS 76–74 Crvena zvezda mts Čair Sports Center Niš   Andrea Trinchieri

Performance by clubEdit

Rank Club Titles Runner-up Years
1 Partizan 7 5 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2017–18, 2018–19
2 Crvena zvezda 6 4 2003–04, 2005–06, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2016–17
3 FMP Železnik 3 3 2002–03, 2004–05, 2006–07
4 Mega 1 2 2015–16
5 Vršac 0 3

All-time participants (2003–2019)Edit

The following is a list of clubs who have played in the Radivoj Korać Cup at any time since its formation in 2002 to the current season.

Defunct Defunct/Nonexistent teams
1st Champions
2nd Runners-up
SF Semifinals
QF Quarterfinals
C Teams won Cup of Serbia (2nd–tier)
Team 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Total
Atlas SF QF Defunct 2 Semifinals
Borac QF QF QFC QF QF QF 6 Quarterfinals
Crnokosa QF 1 Quarterfinals
Crvena zvezda SF 1st QF 1st SF SF 2nd QF SF 2nd 1st 1st 1st SF 1st 2nd 2nd 17 1st
Dunav QF 1 Quarterfinals
Dynamic BG Nonexistent QFC QF QF 3 Quarterfinals
Ergonom QF QF Defunct 2 Quarterfinals
FMP Železnik[b] 1st 2nd 1st SF 1st SF SF 2nd 2nd Defunct 9 1st
Konstantin Nonexistent QF QF 2 Quarterfinals
Lavovi 063 QF Defunct 1 Quarterfinals
Mašinac QF Defunct 1 Quarterfinals
Mega QF QF QF SF 2nd 2nd 1st SF SF SF 10 1st
Metalac QFC QF QFC QF SF QF 6 Quarterfinals
Novi Pazar QFC 1 Quarterfinals
Novi Sad QF Defunct 1 Quarterfinals
OKK Beograd QF QF QF 3 Quarterfinals
Partizan SF QF 2nd SF 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd QF SF 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 17 1st
Radnički Belgrade QF 1 Quarterfinals
Radnički KG 06 QFC Defunct 1 Quarterfinals
Radnički Kragujevac[c] QF QF SF SF SF SF SF Defunct 7 Semifinals
Sloboda QF 1 Quarterfinals
Smederevo 1953 QF 1 Quarterfinals
Spartak QF 1 Quarterfinals
Sveti Đorđe QF 1 Quarterfinals
Vojvodina SF QF QF QF QF QF QF QF QF Defunct 9 Quarterfinals
Vršac[d] 2nd QF QF 2nd SF 2nd SF SF QF SF QF SFC QF 13 2nd
Zdravlje QFC 1 Quarterfinals
Zlatibor QFC 1 Quarterfinals
  1. ^ Competed as Radnički Basket/Radnički FMP (2010–2012)
  2. ^ Competed as Reflex (2003–2005)
  3. ^ Competed as Swisslion Vršac (2008–2009)
  4. ^ Competed as Hemofarm (2003–2012)
Participants from Montenegro (2003–2006)
Team 03 04 05 06 Total
Budućnost QF SF SF QF 4 Semi-finals
Lovćen QF QF 2 Quarter-finals
Rudar QF 1 Quarter-finals


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