FIBA Hall of Fame

The FIBA Hall of Fame, or FIBA Basketball Hall of Fame, honors players,[1] coaches,[2] teams, referees,[3] and administrators[4] who have greatly contributed to international competitive basketball. It was established by FIBA, in 1991. It includes the "Samaranch Library", the largest basketball library in the world, that as of 2007, had over 10,000 basketball books, and 950 magazines, from over 65 countries. The FIBA Hall of Fame building is a basketball museum built in Alcobendas, Community of Madrid, Spain, by the Pedro Ferrándiz Foundation.

FIBA Hall of Fame
FIBA Hall of Fame Alcobendas - 04.jpg
The exterior of the FIBA Hall of Fame, in 2015.
LocationAlcobendas, Community of Madrid, Spain
TypeHall of Fame
WebsiteOfficial website

Initially, induction ceremonies occurred every two years, with the first one taking place in 2007. The pattern was interrupted in 2010, when a class was inducted on the day of the 2010 FIBA World Championship's Final in Istanbul. After that, no induction took place until 2013, with a class announced in May of that year, with induction taking place on 19 June. The next induction class was in 2015, and after that, more classes were inducted in 2016, 2017,[5] and 2019.[6]


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