Radio 1 is a Belgian radio channel operated by the Flemish public broadcaster Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT).

Radio 1
Broadcast areaBelgium
Frequency91.7–99.9 MHz
FormatNews, talk, sport

The channel focuses on news (with bulletins every half hour), together with discussion and debate on public policy and social issues. Radio 1 also carries live coverage of sporting events, branded "Sporza Radio".

Radio 1's musical content is a mix of contemporary and classic pop and rock music (focusing on Flemish productions), with specialist music programming in the evening schedules.

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Guest programmes edit

Radio 1 regularly allocates a limited amount of airtime for the transmission of so-called "guest programmes": that is to say, programmes produced by associations and organizations representing faith and other socio-philosophical communities recognized by the Flemish Government as having the right to make such broadcasts.[1] At the present time (February 2014) these are:

  • Centraal Israëlitisch Consistorie van België [nl] – representing Belgian Judaism
  • Evangelische Radio en Televisie Omroep – Evangelical Christian broadcaster
  • Radio Gezinsbond by the Gezinsbond [nl] – defending the interests of the family
  • Het Vrije Woord by the Humanistisch-Vrijzinnige Vereniging – representing secularism and free thought
  • Het Braambos by the Katholieke Televisie en Radio Omroep – Catholic broadcasting organization
  • Moslim Televisie en Radio Omroep – Muslim broadcasting organization
  • Orthodoxe Kerk in België – the Orthodox Church in Belgium
  • Protestantse Omroep – Protestant Christian broadcaster

References edit

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