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Rachel Binah

Rachel Binah (born 1942) is an American environmental and community activist. Binah was one of many in the Mendcocino coastal communities who helped to organize the final hearing, in 1988, of "Lease Sale 91" by the Minerals Management Service of the Department of the Interior (in Fort Bragg, California) to protest against offshore oil development off the North Coast of California. Upwards of 2,500 people (it is thought that as many as 5,000) attended the federal hearing, with 1400 volunteering to testify.[1] Binah has also served as chair emeritus of the California Democratic Party's Environmental Caucus and the Democratic National Committee committeewoman.[2] Aside from environmental concerns, Binah is also interested in health care, spearheaded by her father suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She also owns a bed and breakfast in Mendocino, California.[3] In 2009, Binah was a National Women's History Month honoree.[2]

Rachel Binah
Born 1942 (age 75–76)
San Francisco, California United States
Residence Little River, California
Nationality American
Occupation Community activist


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