Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame

In 2009 State Library of Queensland, the Queensland Library Foundation and QUT Business School collaborated to establish the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame (QBLHOF) initiative.[1][2] The QBLHOF recognises outstanding contributions and achievements made by organisations, companies and individuals to develop the Queensland economy and society, both contemporary and historical. The inductees are announced at an annual Induction Dinner gala event each year.


A governing committee determines a list of inductees based on a set of criteria including:[3]

  • Sustained leadership
  • Major financial contribution
  • Pioneering
  • Outstanding contribution
  • Achievement of iconic status

Other factors assessing criteria may include:

  • Length of service or period of leadership
  • Number of employees or employment opportunities generated
  • Innovation in the field or significance of industry/service development

List of InducteesEdit

The inductees are:[4]

Year Inductee In recognition of
2019 Philip Bacon his status as Australia's leading art dealer and outstanding contributions to philanthropy
George Fisher his eminent business leadership, driving the long-term success of Mount Isa Mines and Mount Isa's growth and development as a city
Birch Carroll & Coyle being Australia's leading provincial film distributor and its industry leadership throughout Queensland for 80 years
Evans Deakin Industries Ltd its major contributions to the Queensland economy for nearly a century through excellence in heavy engineering, construction and ship building
Springfield City Group - Maha Sinnathamby and Bob Sharpless their visionary entrepreneurship in establishing Springfield, a nation-building project and Australia's first privately-constructed city
Wallace Bishop its sustained leadership in jewellery making and retailing for over 100 years
2018 George Marchant his significant national business success, internationally recognised innovation and for creating an enduring legacy for Queensland through outstanding philanthropy
George Miller his unparalleled contributions to producing and directing commercially successful internationally award-winning films and for his outstanding contributions to the Australian and international film industries
John Moffat his pioneering entrepreneurship in establishing North Queensland's mining industry and for his extensive business and community developments in the Cairns hinterland
Thérèse Rein outstanding international business achievements as a ground-breaking social entrepreneur leading to unprecedented employment outcomes for people with disabilities
Domino's its remarkable national and international success in the food industry resulting in pizza market leadership in seven countries through Don Meij's outstanding leadership and disruptive innovation
Wagners their intrepid entrepreneurship in successfully completing highly challenging infrastructure projects nationally and internationally
2017 Walkers Limited its 150 years of outstanding contributions to Queensland and Australian heavy engineering manufacturing, and for its sustained service to the community of Maryborough
Queen Fine Foods its national market leadership and status as an iconic Australian brand for 120 years
Blackmores its international success as a major Australian exporter and as Australia's leading vitamins and supplements manufacturer
Halfbrick Studios its international leadership in mobile video games development, including the highly successful game Fruit Ninja, and for its outstanding contribution to the global games industry
Dr Dimity Dornan AO her pioneering work in building Hear and Say into an international leader in the treatment of hearing loss in children
Dr George Chapman AO his visionary contribution to tourism and the economy of Cairns and Far North Queensland, for the development of Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, and for distinguished service to Australian business and the community
2016 Suncorp Group its important and sustained contribution to the Queensland economy through the provision of insurance, banking and financial services for 100 years
Mincom its pioneering contribution to Queensland's information technology industry and for becoming a global technology leader through world class innovation
North Australian Pastoral Company its sustained and significant contribution to the Queensland economy for 140 years as an innovative cattle breeder, beef producer and leader in land care practices
Margaret Mittelheuser her groundbreaking achievements as Australia's first female stockbroker and for her significant contributions to women in business and philanthropy
Rodney Wylie his outstanding contribution to the Queensland economy through leadership of Queensland and Australian corporations and for significant contributions to the public accounting profession and the community
Manuel Hornibrook his distinguished contributions to Australia's construction industry, national infrastructure, iconic bridges, the Sydney Opera House and for becoming the nation's leading builder
2015 The Courier Mail its distinguished contribution to reporting Queensland affairs for close to 170 years and its recognised status as Queensland's leading newspaper
Lawrence Wackett his visionary and tenacious leadership and innovation in establishing Australia's aircraft design and manufacturing industries and their contribution to the defence of Australia
Hyne Timber the Hyne family's significant contribution to the timber industry, regional employment and the innovative production of timber products for over 130 years
Ellen O'Brien and Defiance Flour her pioneering leadership in establishing Defiance Flour Mills and its signature product Defiance Flour, a leading Australian brand for over 100 years
Blue Care its national leadership and outstanding contribution to developing world class services in aged care throughout the communities of Queensland for over sixty years
Benjamin Wickham MacDonald his excellence in leadership in the Australian shipping industry, leading to his recognition as the Napoleon of Australian shipping
2014 Sarah Ann Jenyns her audacious leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in designing and manufacturing health and fashion garments, gaining worldwide recognition and national industry leadership
Bank of Queensland its excellence in providing banking services to Queensland for over a century and its continuing expansion nationally
RACQ its iconic contribution to motoring services, public advocacy for motorists, road safety and community service throughout Queensland for over 100 years
John Williams his pioneering contribution to the development of the Queensland economy as the first holder of a trading licence, first public transport operator, coal miner and store keeper
Vincent Fairfax his outstanding contributions to leadership in Australian business and community organisations and for his visionary, enduring philanthropy
Teys Australia their highly successful and resilient leadership and innovation in beef processing and exporting for over sixty years
2013 Charles Chauvel his pioneering contributions to the Australian film industry, his entrepreneurship and his iconic status as a Queensland and Australian filmmaker
Paula Stafford her fashion industry innovation, establishing her brand name nationally and internationally and significantly enhancing the reputation of the Gold Coast
Brett Family highly diverse major contributions and industry leadership within Queensland business for over 100 years, especially in the timber and hardware industries
QUF its success as a listed Queensland public company and its outstanding contribution to the national dairy industry through innovations in production technology, products and marketing
Mackay Sugar its sustained excellence in sugar production and its substantial contribution to the Mackay region and to the Queensland economy
Queensland Country Women's Association, Queensland branch of the Country Women's Association its exceptional contribution to the social and economic wellbeing of country women and rural communities for over 90 years
2012 Eva Burrows her far-reaching contributions to the community through exceptional global and national leadership of the Salvation Army
William Knox D'Arcy his major contribution to the success of the Mount Morgan gold mine and the international significance of his role in the discovery of oil in Persia
Cyril Golding his major contributions to civil infrastructure and mining services in Queensland as well as to philanthropy and the community
McDonald family their continuing leadership and innovation in beef cattle production for more than 150 years in Queensland as well as substantial contributions to the community
ALS Limited (formerly Campbell Brothers) its distinguished global business achievements and sustained contributions to Queensland's economy for nearly 150 years
Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland the Royal Queensland Show's iconic standing and its outstanding contribution to Queensland industry and society for 136 years
2011 John Nosworthy outstanding economic and social contributions to Queensland through leadership excellence in business, professional life and community service
Rhonda White, wife of Terry White her exceptional entrepreneurship and innovation in national retailing and significant contributions to the community
Terry White his exceptional entrepreneurship and innovation in national retailing and significant contributions to public leadership and the community
A P Eagers Limited its sustained success and excellence in motor vehicle retailing and service to the community for 100 years
Queensland National Bank its critical contribution to Queenslands early economic development by providing vital banking services throughout the State
Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (Queensland) its iconic contribution to rural health and rural community building in Australia through exceptional standards of service and innovation
Thiess Pty Ltd its outstanding contribution to infrastructure development in Australia and for its pioneering of international trade
2010 Jack Hutchinson his major and sustained contribution to Queensland's construction industry and economy
Kate Mary Smith her historically significant business leadership, developing a Queensland funeral business now in its sixth generation
Graham Turner his creation of Flight Centre, Australia's leading domestic and international travel sales business, through outstanding entrepreneurship and innovation
James Tyson his outstanding rural entrepreneurship, significantly contributing to Queensland's development
Bundaberg Distilling Company redirects to Bundaberg Rum its development of an iconic national and international product, Bundaberg Rum and contributing significantly to Queensland's rural industry
Golden Circle (company) its significant contribution to processing Queensland produce and developing high quality national product brands
Queensland Institute of Medical Research redirects to QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute its distinguished contribution to community wellbeing through world class medical research and its commercialisation
Ray White Group its building of Australia's leading real estate business, contributing significantly to national and international property sales and development
Mount Isa Mines its sustained and outstanding contribution to Queenslands economy, the mining industry and rural development
2009 Don Argus his outstanding business leadership significantly contributing to national and international business
Bob Bryan his outstanding entrepreneurship in the mining industry significantly contributing to Queensland's economic development
Steve Irwin his outstanding international entrepreneurship, both in business and wildlife conservation, significantly contributing to Queensland and its international reputation
Clem Jones his outstanding business and community leadership significantly contributing to Queensland's development
Jim Kennedy his outstanding national business leadership and significantly contributing to Queensland business and the community
John Pidgeon his outstanding business leadership significantly contributing to Queensland business and the community
Valmai Pidgeon her outstanding business leadership significantly contributing to Queensland business and the community
Joe Saragossi his outstanding and sustained business leadership significantly contributing to the Queensland economy
Sister Angela Mary her outstanding organisational leadership significantly contributing to Queensland and its health and social wellbeing
Burns Philp its significant contributions made to the development of Queensland and its economy
Castlemaine Perkins an iconic Queensland brewing business significantly contributing to the Queensland economy and community
Qantas iconic national and international airline business, originating in Queensland, and significantly contributing to the Queensland economy and community


Since 2014 the QBLHOF has also awarded an annual Fellowship, to recipients working on a research project that utilises the resources of the John Oxley Library at State Library of Queensland to produce new interpretations of Queensland's business history.

List of Fellowship winnersEdit

Year Fellow Project
2014 Madeleine King and Nadia Buick High Street Histories: Queensland's fashion business leaders
2015 Julie Hornibrook Sir Manuel Hornibrook: Father of the Australian Building Industry
2016 Dr Toni Risson Greek Cafes in Brisbane
2017 Toni Massey Diving into the history of Queensland's pearl-shelling industry
2018 Hilary Davies Putting Queenslanders on the Road: The Canada Cycle and Motor Agency Ltd
2019 Rutian Mi The history of Chinese business in Queensland[5]


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