Mincom Pty Ltd was a software and services company that provides business software to industries including mining, public infrastructure, defence, oil and gas in more than 40 countries across North America, South America, Australia, South East Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Mincom Pty Ltd[1]
Company typePrivate (part of ABB Group)
IndustryInformation Technology
Area served
Key people
Greg Clark (CEO) (resignation announced 17 August 2011)[2]
ProductsMincom Ellipse: Asset & Work Management; Intelligent Workforce Deployment; Financial Management; Supply Chain Management; Supplier Portal

Mincom Integration Platform
Mincom Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

Mincom Intelligent Mining Solution: Mincom Exploration; Mincom MineScape; Mincom CCLAS; Mincom Assay Management; Mincom Production Accounting; Mincom MineMarket

Mincom Mobility: Mincom Commander for Scheduling and Dispatch; Mincom Mobile Worker; Mincom Mobile Inspector; Mincom Mobile Approver; Mincom Mobile Field Data Platform

Mincom LinkOne
Mincom Axis
Mincom Critical Inventory Optimisation
Number of employees

Mincom Inc. operates in North America and is a subsidiary of Mincom Pty Ltd. Mincom employs 1250 people in 24 offices across six continents.

Mincom was owned by Francisco Partners, a global private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in technology and technology-enabled services businesses. On 9 May 2011 the ABB Group acquired Mincom to expand their enterprise software business, Ventyx.[3]

The company's name was originally devised as a contraction of the term "mining computing", as the company's initial products were aimed at the mining industry.[4]

Mincom's headquarters were located in Brisbane, Queensland as well as with offices presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Western Australia. North American operations are located in the United States (Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas) and in Canada (Ottawa, Ontario). Latin American offices are in Santiago, Chile.

MineMarket edit

MineMarket is a software application produced by Mincom Limited for the mining industry.

The application is claimed to provide a whole-of-enterprise view of the supply chain, from ore extraction to product delivery, including external processes such as delivery arrangements.[5] The MineMarket solution provides coverage of the logistics and sales processes for mining and mineral related organisations.

It is designed to run on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. The current major release of MineMarket is version 4.

Mincom Critical Inventory Optimization edit

MCIO is a software application purchased by Mincom Limited from Bruce McNaught and Associates Pty Ltd.

The application is claimed to offer the ability for any company holding a large inventory to substantially reduce the inventory value while improving the service level on critical stick items.[6][7] Originally known as SIAM,[8] MCIO integrates with Mincom's main Ellipse Asset management platform. It is designed to run on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. The current major release of MCIO is version 4.3 which is a fully multilingual version of the product.

Awards edit

Mincom was inducted into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame in 2017.[9]

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