Queen Mary (cocktail)

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A Queen Mary beer cocktail is a mixture of grenadine and beer,[1][2] which is commonly garnished with maraschino cherries.[3] It is typically served in beer glassware, leaving room for a generous amount of beer head which can take on a pink or cherry-like tone.[4] This drink can be quite sweet, and is best enjoyed chilled.[5][6]

Queen Mary
The Official Queen Mary Cocktail.jpg
TypeMixed drink
ServedNeat; chilled
Standard garnishMaraschino cherries
Standard drinkwareBeer glassware
Commonly used ingredients
  • Glass of beer
  • Grenadine (to taste)
PreparationPour grenadine into glass, followed by beer, leaving room for pink-coloured beer head; finish by dropping maraschino cherries into glass, drizzling syrup from the cherries on top for added sweetness/colour


The Queen Mary originated in Canada in the early 2000s,[7] and has since become popular in North America, Europe, and Australia as an alternative to a shandy.[2][6][8][9] The drink is reportedly named after Mary of Teck, Queen Consort to King George V of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions.[10][11]

Preparation and servingEdit

A Queen Mary cocktail, with syrup from the cherries drizzled on top

A Queen Mary cocktail is made by pouring grenadine into a beer glass, to taste, followed by beer,[2] leaving room at the top for a thick layer of pink-hued beer foam.[9] Maraschino cherries are often dropped into the glass as a garnish,[3][12] while drizzling syrup from the cherries onto the beer foam for additional sweetness and colour, as desired.[13]

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